What Jensen Ackles And Jared Padalecki Want From Supernatural's Series Finale


It's kind of an understatement to say that Supernatural has been on TV for a long time. There are babies who were born in 2005 that have never known a world without Supernatural. The fantasy series entered its 12th season this fall with no clear end in sight, but that hasn't stopped stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from imagining what this fabled ending would be like. They've certainly had time to workshop ideas, and they've come to the conclusion that no matter when the finale happens, they'd want show creator and original showrunner Eric Kripke to write the episode.

In an interview with TVLine, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki discussed what a potential series finale would be like for Supernatural. It's unknown when that finale will actually be, but whenever it is, they would love it if series creator Eric Kripke penned the finale. Padalecki felt that it would be a great way for everything to come full circle.

I don't like to say, 'When the show ends,' because the show's not going to end. But when the show does start to wrap down, I would love to see Eric come back and give his opinion. Because he created us in the first place, so it would be an honor.

Eric Kripke created Supernatural way back in 2005 and stepped down as showrunner six years ago. He doesn't have much involvement with the show anymore, which is now led by Bob Singer and Andrew Dabb. Kripke has since moved on to head up the new time travel drama Timeless on NBC, but he's not above coming back to the show he created. In a response to TVLine, Kripke said that he'd be up for returning if everything worked out with the schedules.

I do fantasize that it would be great to at least come in and be a co-writer of the finale, whenever that would be. But obviously that depends on what [executive producer] Bob Singer wants, what [co-showrunner] Andrew Dabb wants [and] what I'm doing at the time. But yes, the idea of it would be cool, if possible.

I can't imagine there are many longtime fans who would be opposed to this idea, and it really would be a great way to cap off the longest running fantasy series on television. Supernatural has been running for 12 seasons and in that time its changed a lot of hands. Eric Kripke served as showrunner from Seasons 1-5 before stepping down. Executive Producer Sera Gamble picked up the reigns for Season 6 and 7, and then Jeremy Carver assumed the role in Seasons 8-11. Now Bob Singer and Andrew Dabb have teamed up to take the show in Season 12, and considering the behind-the-scenes journey the show has been through, it would be awfully sweet for Kripke to be the one to bring it all home.

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