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Arrow has been filling its ranks with more and more comic superheroes over the past couple of seasons, ranging from the magical to the superpowered to the skilled. Now, it looks like Oliver Queen may be encountering yet another iconic hero from DC Comics. Showrunner Marc Guggenheim has shared a picture that could indicate the upcoming introduction of Vic Sage, a.k.a. the Question. Take a look:

Marc Guggenheim's Twitter image hints that Arrow will once again be visiting Hub City in Season 5, and comic fans will know that Hub City is traditionally the base of operations for the vigilante known as The Question. The image doesn't give away anything other than the fact that the time is apparently now to buy property in Hub City, but it does give the impression that Arrow will do more than just check in for a quick scene or two, and Oliver seems to stumble across folks with superhero ambitions just about everywhere he goes. It's entirely possible that we'll be meeting some version of Vic Sage during Arrow Season 5.

The comic character is a reporter who wears a mask that wipes out his features and gives him a distinctly creepy faceless appearance as he battles criminals who have escaped justice. The mask is technological, and he fights without the use of magic or superpowers. Based on that alone, Oliver might welcome a masked pal who knows what it's like to rely on skills, if only so they can hang out and complain about all the superpowered upstarts on the vigilante scene.

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Of course, there's no saying which version of Vic Sage would turn up if he does indeed appear. Hub City has been visited on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow without any mention of a faceless fighter, although Arrow seems to love taking breaks from the Oliver Queen action to craft origin stories for other heroes. Oliver could encounter a pre-Question Vic Sage and push him toward the path of fighting crime as a vigilante. The Hub City of DC Comics is a pretty corrupt place; assuming that Oliver won't decide to just export a couple of his newbies to clean the streets, he could actually support a birth of a new superhero in Hub City.

Another possibility would be that Vic Sage appears without a mask or any superhero ambitions. Arrow Season 5 has seen an increased media presence thanks to Oliver's high profile gig as the mayor and the arrival of reporter Susan Williams in Star City. Oliver could feasibly drop by Hub City or even have a chat with Vic without mentioning crimefighting. A non-Question Vic Sage might not be the most exciting way for him to appear on Arrow, but it could be a fun Easter egg for comic fans.

We'll have to wait and see if this is a big tease or a small one. Oliver currently has a very full plate in Star City as both Mayor Queen and the Green Arrow, so he may not be taking any trips to Hub City too soon. Tune in to The CW on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET to see what's next for the good guys on Arrow.

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