One Major Plot The Flash Will Focus On During Season 3

The Flash is only three episodes into Season 3, and a lot has already happened to set up what's to come. The effects of Doctor Alchemy and the Flashpoint story on top of the regular Central City criminal shenanigans mean that Barry Allen has a full plate. Fortunately for him, he's managed to find the time to focus on something positive as well. The Barry/Iris romance is developing faster than ever. Executive producer Todd Helbing had this to say about what we can expect out of Barry and Iris during Season 3:

A lot of the story is kind of centered and spins off of what's going on with [Barry and Iris]. It's a great love story, and to have that influence this season, I think people are going to love it.

Iris has pretty much been Barry's one constant throughout the seasons so far, no matter how many bolts of lightning he's struck with or universes he jumps into or timelines he changes. Even the metahuman that turned Happy Barry into Rage Monster Barry couldn't make Barry forget his feelings for Iris, and his non-Iris love interests have mostly felt like seat fillers. The end of Season 2 and first few episodes of Season 3 have proved that the show is finally willing to move out of will they/won't they and advance their relationship. Todd Helbing's reveal to should come as very good news to fans of the Barry and Iris romance.

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Given that the romance is really kicking into gear in the same season that is exploring the epic Flashpoint story of DC Comics, we have to wonder if the show is going to start sticking with comic plots more and more as the episodes pass. A lot of the plot twists to date - ranging from the leading lady's love interest dying in Season 1 to the main romance moving forward in early Season 3 - have been comparable to The Flash's parent series Arrow; a greater focus on comic canon and Barry Allen's most famous comic lady love could indicate that The Flash is really paving its own way moving forward.

We'll have to wait and see if Barry and Iris are able to survive all the trials sure to come their way in Season 3. They've already had their dates interrupted by superhero business, and the extent of the Flashpoint changes hasn't been fully explored yet. Season 3 is pretty early for a main romance to come together and stay together; ratings drop aside, The Flash probably still has a healthy future ahead of it. Barry and Iris will likely face a fair share of difficulties as they develop as a couple in Season 3.

Hopefully Todd Helbing and Co. will be able to handle Barry/Iris in a way that works for comic and show fans alike without getting too predictable or melodramatic. Luckily for the lovebirds, it looks like the next problem coming their way will be new villain Mirror Master rather than anything about their relationship. Tune in to The CW on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET to see what's next for Barry and Iris on The Flash.

Laura Hurley
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