Alicia Silverstone Is Starring In Her Own TV Series

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When most of us think of Alicia Silverstone, we probably think of Clueless or Batman & Robin, since the actress made a name for herself in showbiz thanks to such major roles on the big screen in the 90s. But aside from voice work on Braceface from 2001-2003, she hasn't had a presence on TV in any kind of regular role, and her pilots have tended to go unsold or unaired. Now, Silverstone's luck is changing, and she'll star in her own dramedy for TV Land.

Alicia Silverstone will star in American Woman, which will be a drama/comedy set in the 1970s. Silverstone will play Bonnie, who has left her husband and must find a way to raise her two daughters in the midst of a rising movement of feminism and sexual exploration. Luckily, Bonnie will have a little help from her friends in looking after her kids, with her best friends Kathleen and Diana lending a hand in the girls' lives as well. The ladies seize their own destinies in a culture not entirely ready to embrace their independence, and we'll spend twelve episodes watching them do it in the first season.

All in all, American Woman sounds a little bit like a TV Land version of Fuller House, if Fuller House was set 40 years ago and the Tanner family was into discussing sexuality. (Have mercy.) Alicia Silverstone is joined in the cast by Mena Suvari and Jennifer Bartels, who will play Kathleen and Diana, respectively. Makenna James of Transparent and Lia Ryan McHugh of A Haunting will play Bonnie's daughters.

The show is based on the upbringing of Kyle Richards, whose biggest claim to fame is her stint on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Richards is on board American Woman as an executive producer, so she may be able to bring some of her wildest experiences as a child to the small screen. John Riggi of 30 Rock is writing and executive producing, and Alex Hardcastle of You're The Worst directed the pilot. Emmy-winner John Wills will executive produce as well, bringing his experiences from shows like ER and The West Wing to American Woman.

Alicia Silverstone signed on for American Woman several months ago when the project was only in the pilot stage. TV Land evidently has enough faith in the premise and what Silverstone brings to the leading role that a full first season has been ordered. Hopefully American Woman will go down as the actress' big break into live-action TV as a leading lady. She had a memorable guest run on Suburgatory back in 2012; American Woman will be the first time that she is truly showcased on television.

American Woman will debut on TV Land at some point in 2017. No official release date has yet been set, so be sure to check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what you'll be able to watch to pass the time.

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