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When Freeform gave the green light to Marvel series Cloak and Dagger early this year, it seemed like the show would be coming along fairly quickly. Now, though, it looks like the show will be experiencing a delay, and we have the details for you.

Cloak and Dagger was ordered to series back in April, and it looked like it was on the way to a release sometime in 2017, but now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the show has been delayed to winter 2018 as showrunner Joe Pokaski (Underground) rewrites the first script. The drama will focus on the relationship between an interracial superhero couple, Cloak, black hero Tyrone Johnson, and Dagger, white hero Tandy Bowen. Cloak can envelope his enemies in darkness, while Dagger is capable of emitting hard-light daggers which she uses as weapons when she fights. The superhero show will follow the duo as they realize that their many differences don't actually stand in the way of them working quite well together as a team.

The news that Cloak and Dagger is going to be delayed for so long is coming at a bad time for Freeform. The network, formerly known as ABC Family, rebranded with the new name in January and has been working to get rid of their image as a for-the-whole-family network as they decided to target the 14 to 34 year old demographic in their programming. Freeform brought out several new programs this year to further that effort, but many of those new shows, including Dead of Summer, Guilt and Recovery Road have gotten cancellation notices. Meanwhile, two of their long-running shows, Switched at Birth and their biggest hit, Pretty Little Liars, will be off the air after their current seasons finish. Unless the network can quickly greenlight some dramas that become popular soon, that will leave only The Fosters and Shadowhunters in their drama lineup until Cloak and Dagger does finally debut.

With the popularity of Marvel comic properties in general, and on TV specifically, I'm sure Freeform was hoping that Cloak and Dagger's status as a Marvel title would bring a good amount of eyeballs to the show, even though the duo aren't, by any means, two of the more well known superheroes in the comic giant's lineup. Marvel has been able to make hits on Netflix out of series like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, so there is hope that, especially if the show is done right, it will appeal to the demo that Freeform is looking for. Of course, even without the Marvel name attached, a show about two teen superheroes in love already sounds like something young people would be into, doesn't it?

Well, it's obvious that Freeform has a way to go to make their rebranding efforts a success, so let's hope that the network can stick around long enough for a show as promising sounding as Cloak and Dagger to finally debut.

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