The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Finally Confirmed Its First Star

Sure, there have been lots of characters riding motorcycles on primetime TV since December 10, 2014, but none of them were Sons of Anarchy characters. Thankfully, something has been announced regarding the upcoming spinoff series focused on the Mayans club, titled Mayans MC, and that "something" is the confirmation that Marcus Alvarez will be a part of the show, as shared by the awesome actor Emilio Rivera himself. Mondays have never felt so good.

If you've been keeping up with news about the Sons of Anarchy spinoff since it was first announced, then you're aware that details have only come around about as often as Jax saw his kids, and it shouldn't be too surprising that there isn't much information to go on besides Emilio Rivera being involved. And the actor really only confirmed something that fans were already expecting and hoping, but we couldn't ever really celebrate the return of Marcus Alvarez without anyone's assurance that he was actually going to appear on Mayans MC. Now we can, thanks to Rivera's post on his Instagram page

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The whole point of taking things in the Mayans' direction was to shift away from Charming and SAMCRO territory, so there was a chance that a different chapter would be in focus that wouldn't necessitate Marcus Alvarez's presence. And, of course, this doesn't mean Alvarez will be in every single episode or have a huge role, but we have to hope.

Teller Tuesdays are taking a backseat to Mayan Mondays in the future, and I desperately need for Emilio Rivera's announcement to be an indication that more casting and other announcements will be made in the near future. (There are some other characters we want to see.) The only things we are really sure of right now are that Sons of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter conceived the concept and, in the months after The Bastard Executioner's cancellation, brought in filmmaker and former troublemaking musician Elgin James to co-write and take on showrunner duties if the series comes to light.

Even if it wasn't accompanied by a full cast list and episode rundown, Emilio Rivera's post lets fans know that at least one familiar face will be around when the Mayans get their Sons of Anarchy spotlight. We're also waiting to hear something about the early-in-development prequel series to SOA, which was originally supposed to have followed the formation of the club's First 9, which included John Teller. Following the Presidential election, Kurt Sutter put it out there that he was now interested in creating more positive stories, making it seem unlikely that the Sons of Anarchy prequel would retain its post-Vietnam narrative. But it might.

Fingers crossed for nothing but more good news to come from Mayans MC in the near future. In the meantime, head to our fall debut schedule and our midseason premiere schedule to check out what is definitely on the way.

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