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The Next Sons Of Anarchy Show Is Happening Sooner Than We Thought

Earlier today, the world got the terrible news that Kurt Sutter’s latest series The Bastard Executioner will not return for Season 2 in 2016, although we’re happy Season 1 was allowed to come to a close before the decision was made. Still, there’s a huge silver lining to be found here, as Bastard’s exit means that Sutter can push his focus back to the Sons of Anarchy universe, and it looks like the planned Mayans-based spinoff will be happening sooner rather than later. Pardon me while I make revving sounds with my mouth.

It was Sutter himself who recognized The Bastard Executioner’s ratings problem and played his own part in announcing the cancelation. In doing so, he explained the next step in his career to Deadline.

The network is very hot on the Mayans project, and I won’t run that show. For me, this is about finding the right writer and the next thing I will be doing is sitting down and interviewing to find a Latino writer, someone who understands the world and culture. I don’t want to just throw some white guy at it.

Gotta love that approach, especially in today’s culture where diversity is still something that TV has yet to fully embrace. Having a Latino creator running a show about a group of Latino characters will certainly stand out. Granted, I’d be down with Sutter taking any role he wanted in the show, but being the guiding spirit as executive producer is more than enough.

It’s entirely possible that Sutter would have made the Sons of Anarchy spinoff one of his biggest to-do list items as The Bastard Executioner headed into its offseason, but the period drama had such a huge pre-production phase going into Season 1 that it’s likely a second season would have kept Sutter busy for many months. Now there’s no question on when the wheels will start turning, and if FX is as into the spinoff as he implies, it’s likely they’ll order it straight to series if he finds the perfect writer.

Not a lot is actually known about the spinoff just yet, since there’s no storyline written. All we really know is that it’ll be set somewhere far enough from the Norther California setting of Sons of Anarchy that the previously established universe won’t get messed with too much. That said, there’s still a chance that familiar faces will show up at some point. (Here’s everyone we want to see.)

As far as what Sutter’s next active project is, it looks like he might get his feature directorial debut with his script Delivering Gen, which is being set up at Cross Creek. And maybe after that he can get started on bringing the Sons of Anarchy prequel to audiences.

Nick Venable
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