Rumer Willis Just Landed A Gig On A Major TV Show

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As the daughter of two highly successful silver screen stars, Rumer Willis has been in the entertainment industry for the majority of her life, and she just landed the biggest TV gig of her 20+ years in the industry. Let's all rub our hands together deviously and cackle with delight now that the actress has signed on for a role on one of TV's wildest rides, Empire.

Thankfully, Rumer Willis' time on Empire won't be so short-lived, as her role of Tory Ash will be a recurring character. A genius singer-songwriter whose confrontational personality makes her a potential hazard to anyone, Tory will play a huge role in Jamal's life in the back half of the season as he works to create his most iconic music yet. It's not like the best things happen to people that Jamal gets close to, so she might have some troubles coming her way. This is a dramatization of him calling her emergency contact after something awful happens.

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As well, Tory will be attempting to make her own crossover comeback, according to THR, and her controversial behavior while doing so will make waves not just in Jamal's life. (Rumer Willis has a background in singing, so perhaps we'll get some solid Empire tunes out of her.) Tory will almost undoubtedly uncover some dump truck full of dirt on the Lyon family members, who have skeletons in their closets equipped with their own closets and mini-skeletons.

Since the start of the season, Empire has given viewers the same waterfall of guest stars than we've seen in past years, with Mariah Carey, Taye Diggs, Romeo Miller, Birdman, French Montana and Phylicia Rashad popping up at different points. (Not an exhaustive list, either.) And Rumer Willis is following in the footsteps of other trouble-making Empire-tethered guest stars like Courtney Love and Marisa Tomei.

One of the first TV roles that Rumer Willis took on was an appearance on CSI: NY, and she has since had recurring roles on 90210 and Pretty Little Liars, while also showing up on shows like Workaholics and Hawaii Five-__0. She and her dancing partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy also won Season 20 of Dancing with the Stars last year, so maybe we'll also get to see a dance move or two when she makes her way into Jamal Lyon's world.

Empire airs Wednesday nights on Fox, and while we don't know exactly when Rumer Willis will make her calamitous debut, it will come when the drama returns from its winter hiatus on March 22. All the way on March 22. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere schedule and our midseason premiere schedule to see what's hitting your TVs before then.

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