Of all the TV shows currently leaning into the impending midseason break, many have the confidence of knowing that their productions will kick back up soon for a winter return, while some others aren't so lucky. But at least none of the shows on the air right now had to suffer the blow of having only one televised airing to call their own before fading into the rabbit-eared ethers. Television history is peppered with examples of such extremely short-lived series, and here are 8 of the most varied examples of unfortunate shows whose futures were sealed after their first airings.

Spoiler warning: You have absolutely no need to worry about spoilers here, since none of the shows' plots really matter outside of their footnote statuses.

Emily's Reasons Why Not

Back in 2005, ABC had monolithic confidence in the comedic novel adaptation Emily's Reasons Why Not, a midseason entry intended to fill the post-Super Bowl void with Heather Graham's small screen breakout role. Despite the network reportedly ordering the series without even looking at a script, millions of dollars were spent on a heavy promotional campaign, and it seemed to work for the ratings, as the January 2006 premiere had a good turnout. But seemingly everyone who watched Emily's Reasons Why Not had reasons why not to watch any more, and ABC threw the axe and the chopping block at it. Production was stopped after only seven episodes had been filmed, and the network chose not to air any of the other six.

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