Drake Gave A Shout Out To Nina Dobrev During His AMA Speech Because DeGrassi For Life

Celebrities always have to get their start somewhere, and for Nina Dobrev and Drake, that somewhere happened to be none other than the Canadian teen soap Degrassi. Dobrev went on to star in The Vampire Diaries and take other gigs and Drake, of course, has a prolific music career. Last night, while accepting an AMA award, Drake gave a shoutout to his former Degrassi co-star, because Degrassi fans are everywhere. You can give the adorable moment a watch, below.

During the ceremony, Drake was onstage accepting his award for the Year's Favorite Album, when he took the time to acknowledge Nina Dobrev, who was also on the stage. He noted that they had been on Degrassi together before mentioning the following.

We've come a long way, you know. Congratulations on all your success.

He went on to thank all of the people who helped him create the album Views, but the moment of acknowledgement between Drake and Dobrev is jut the best. It was clearly Drake's night and he didn't have to call out his former co-star, but the fact that he did just made the moment super special and--probably--tickled Degrassi fans everywhere.

Of course, those early days of Degrassi: The Next Generation are long past. The show, which mostly went by Degrassi throughout its run, made a name for itself in its heyday---right around the time when Nina Dobrev and Aubrey Graham were doing their respective things on the show. Of course, that version of the series ended in 2015, but Netflix quickly picked it up to bring it back to our TVs. The new Degrassi, Next Class, returned to the schedule in 2016 and is available for binge-watching on the streaming service right now.

There's been a little drama over the years regarding why Drake left Degrassi. Most accounts agree that he left to pursue his burgeoning music career, but whether or not the departure was mutual or forced by the Canadian soap has been up for question over the years. Clearly all is well that ends well for Drake, who hosted SNL last spring and has been cleaning up on the awards circuit.

It's tough to spawn a long-term career out of a teen soap, and it's clear that Drake and Nina Dobrev have had the biggest careers of the lot. Dobrev was the star of The Vampire Diaries before leaving and is making an appearance on Workaholics Season 7. Some other players have stuck around in the acting game, including Shenae Grimes, who later starred on 90210 and Jake Epstein, who is a big stage performer, now. However, Drake and Dobrev are household names, and that counts for something.

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