Watch Emma Stone Do The Single Ladies Dance, Win Us Over Completely

emma stone dancing la la land

We already knew Emma Stone was great at lip-syncing. In the new movie, La La Land, she also makes good use of her song and dance skills, and recently Ellen DeGeneres decided to give us a sneak peek at these dancing skills with a fun segment on Ellen. Emma Stone was a guest on Monday, and Ellen had her working her booty off attempting different dance moves. Our favorite is her rendition of Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Give it a watch, below.

Ellen DeGeneres is well known at this point for the use of fun games during her daytime show. This one's a new one, and quite honestly, the rules are a little bit complicated. Ellen explains that a slew of different dances will pop up onscreen. She and Emma will take turns doing the dances and when the buzzer goes off, they will freeze mid-pose so that the other person can go. Once the dancing starts, there's a bit of confusion with the stop and go, but I appreciate that Ellen and Emma really put their hearts into the various bits, from the stanky leg to disco and waltz movements, and of course, Emma Stone's rendition of the "Single Ladies" dance.

There are some typos near the end of the video, and Ellen capably figures out that the Roboot is probably the robot. The virtual baton is then handed back to Emma Stone, who is given "The Spinkler" as a category. She doesn't make the connection with "sprinkler" and totally flounders, but it's still adorable in every way. The actress even falls into a fit of giggles as she tells Ellen, "It says Spinkler!"

If you'd like to see Emma Stone get up to more professional-looking dances, you won't have too much longer to wait. The actress can next be seen in La La Land, a musical comedy-drama that stars Stone opposite Ryan Gosling. The film is in theaters starting on December 9. Right now Emma Stone is doing promotional opportunities for the movie, and she will be hosting Saturday Night Live once more next month, as well. More information on that gig can be found here.

As for Ellen, I don't know if the show will be attempting this particular dancing game again in the future, but we do expect that Ellen DeGeneres will have some more fun games coming, especially as the holidays start rolling around. She's also known for getting into the gift-giving spirit, so check your local listings to catch some of the upcoming episodes.

Jessica Rawden
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