Watch Wolverine Dance To Beyonce's Single Ladies In This Epic Halloween Footage

Work it, Wolverine. Listen, Logan can’t always be the brooding, moody killing machine who has endured decades of pain and suffering as a vital cog in the X-Men machine. Sometimes, he just has to pop his claws and dance, preferably to Beyonce’s infectious pop track Single Ladies.

That YouTube clip was posted by The Sunnies, and they are laughing harder than most at their friend, dressed in a classic Wolverine costume, busting out the mutant move to Beyonce’s hit track. And it’s funny. But I’m even more impressed that this dude has pretty much all of the dance moves from Beyonce’s video down pat. Dare to compare:

Eh, that version needs more claws. And Beyonce should be chomping a cigar. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

Those who have been paying attention over the years know, though, that dancing is in Wolverine’s blood. Don’t you recall when Hugh Jackman – Hollywood’s on-screen Logan – busted out the claws to dance "Gangnam Style" with Psy?

That might have been preparation for this international commercial. Wolverine has to pay the bills, after all!

If we are ranking all-time Beyonce "Single Ladies" riffs, though, I’m still putting this impromptu Wolverine behind Stephen Merchant when he brought the hit track to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show lip-synch battle. Relive that glorious moment below, starting around 5:22:

Your move, Bey.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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