Maggie's Getting Cozy With Her New Weapon In This Walking Dead Set Image

Several of the biggest characters on The Walking Dead are associated with signature weapons, ranging from Daryl with his crossbow to Negan with Lucille. Maggie is one who never had an especially distinctive way of dispatching with the undead, but the latest episode really changed that when Maggie used a tractor to mow down some advancing zombies. Now, we have a behind-the-scenes image of actress Lauren Cohan snuggling up to her new weapon. Check it out!

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Lauren Cohan shared the image on her Instagram page, and she looks surprisingly cozy sitting in the wheel of a ginormous tractor. It looks like the crew cleaned all the zombie gore off the wheel before she got comfy, so at least she probably doesn't have to worry about walking around with Walker entrails all over her. It might be awkward if she got pulled over again if she left the set while covered with blood and guts. Then again, she might have just struck her pose before her big scene of crushing zombies with farm equipment. Either way, Cohan looks pretty content with Maggie's new weapon.

It should be interesting to see if we get more of Maggie and her tractor than what we saw in "Go Getters." A tractor is kind of a niche weapon that can't exactly work for close combat the way a machete or firearm might, but the episode proved that it was plenty effective in taking out parts of a horde without much trouble. Who knows? Considering all the trouble characters have gotten into in the past when their cars broke down after plowing into groups of Walkers, we may see tractors become the preferred method of travel in the zombie apocalypse. Even though they may not be the speediest vehicles, they get the job done when it comes to playing chicken with the undead.

Of course, Maggie probably won't be doing much traveling anytime soon. Her pregnancy means that she should stay close to the doctor at Hilltop, and Negan's belief that she actually died from complications means that very bad things would happen if the Saviors found out that she's still very much alive. Besides, Sasha will probably stop at nothing to keep Maggie close to home. She's already stepped up as Maggie protector to a certain extent, sending Jesus to find The Sanctuary rather than going herself. Whatever adventures await Maggie in the rest of Season 7 will likely keep her fairly close to her new home in Hilltop.

Hopefully Maggie won't have to deal with Gregory trying to turn her over to the Saviors again. Gregory may be enough of a coward that he wouldn't risk the loss of his plausible deniability about the Alexandrians' slaughter of sleeping Saviors, but he also might be too proud to let himself be ousted from his leadership role without fighting back. Then again, Gregory might have second thoughts about crossing Maggie after watching her take out zombies with a tractor and punching him in the face. We'll have to wait and see.

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