The Big Challenge Sansa Will Face In Game Of Thrones Season 7

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Life has never been easy for any of the characters on Game of Thrones, but one has had a particularly rough ride over the years. Young Sansa Stark's victories were few and far between for the first five seasons. She had the bad luck to fall victim to two of the craziest and most sadistic characters in the history of the series. Luckily, Sansa escaped Ramsay in Season 6 and reunited with Jon Snow to retake Winterfell from the Boltons. Although that was a success, actress Sophie Turner has now revealed that Sansa will face a new kind of challenge in Season 7, saying this:

She's seemingly in control for the first time -- and it really suits her. She's kind of having a bit of a power trip. But she's also becoming more insecure, because there are threats to the power that she holds.

When last we saw Sansa in Season 6, she had claimed her place as the Lady of Winterfell and was sitting comfortably at the head table next to Jon. She didn't join in the "King in the North!" chants from the Northmen for Jon, but she seemed somewhat on board with him taking on the role as main leader. All things considered, she was probably safer in the Season 6 finale than she had been since the Season 1 premiere. Sophie Turner's tease to EW that Sansa is going to be on a little bit of a power trip is a natural extension of that safety. Honestly, the poor girl has been in such awful circumstances for so long that I won't blame her if she gets a little cocky in her position.

That said, we've seen before that the women of Game of Thrones often fear losing any power, especially if they don't have dragons at their disposal to roast their enemies alive. While not exactly pillars of mental health, both Cersei Lannister and Lysa Arryn were rightfully paranoid about others scheming to take their positions away from them. Although Dany and Yara Greyjoy have shown there are ways for ladies to lead without necessarily giving in to insecurity, Sansa has been thrust into situations where she might doubt herself. Throw in her training from Littlefinger, and Sansa may have a truly hard time dealing with her power in the long run if she doesn't get help from trustworthy sources.

Fortunately, she almost certainly doesn't have a Ramsay Bolton bun in the oven to worry her. She may even get to reunite with more members of her family now that Arya and Bran are back in the Seven Kingdoms. Hopefully she won't be alone in dealing with any and all threats to her power. Who knows? Maybe little Lyanna Mormont could be a friend.

Sadly, we still have a while to wait before we see Sansa back in action on Game of Thrones. Season 7 won't be released until summer 2017. Take a look at our breakdown of what we know so far about Game of Thrones Season 7 for a peek ahead, and don't forget to check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what you can watch to pass the time until the Starks are back on our screens once more.

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