Are More Starks Reuniting On Game Of Thrones? Here's What We Know

Warning: possible major spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 lie ahead.

The Stark family has suffered an awful lot of tragedy in the six seasons of Game of Thrones so far. In fact, following the separation of Bran and Rickon in Season 2, none of the Stark kids were together again until Season 6 reunited Jon and Sansa. The end of Season 6 at least had all four surviving Starks back together on the same continent. We finally have some clues about what may be in store for them in Season 7. Jon, Arya, and/or Bran may cross paths in the seventh season.

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Now that Jon has been crowned King in the North thanks to the awesomeness of young Lyanna Mormont, it really shouldn't be too hard for any of the other Stark kids to figure out how to find their big brother. With Bran finally heading south after spending four seasons north of the Wall and Arya fresh off killing Walder Frey, it seemed entirely possible that their next destinations would be Winterfell. Sure, Arya still has a bunch of people in the south to knock off her kill list, but what's a kill list when a big bro has been crowned king?

If pictures captured from the set of Game of Thrones are any indication, that possibility may become a reality in Season 7. Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, and Isaac Hempstead-Wright were all photographed on set for Season 7 in Northern Ireland (via Watchers on the Wall) on the same day. Williams also seems to be wearing garb fit for a Northern Warrior.

Admittedly, there's no confirmation at this point that any of the three actors were filming together. Now that winter has come and the weather is growing desolate in Westeros, it may just be that more scenes are being filmed in Northern Ireland to take advantage of the terrain. Still, the time may have come for the Starks to make a stand as a family, even if there aren't too many of them left.

Any reunion with Jon Snow would have to be pretty bittersweet for Bran and/or Arya, considering that neither of the younger Starks may have yet heard about what happened to Sansa with Ramsay or what has happened to Rickon. A lot has occurred since they were last happy together. At least Jon and Arya can bond over what they've done to avenge the Red Wedding. The annihilation of the Boltons and the assassination of Walder Frey are definite reasons to celebrate. For his part, Bran certainly has some big news for Jon thanks to his trips to the past.

Unfortunately for the Starks, any reunion in Winterfell puts them on the front line for the looming war against the White Walkers. Hopefully one of them won't die immediately after they meet once more. Sansa may be going strong, but little Rickon's failure to serpentine is probably still pretty fresh in Jon's memory. The last thing any of them need is a reunion followed by a swift death.

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