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2016 is coming to an end, and the time is now to look back at the best and worst that TV had to offer. It was a year filled with huge plot twists, heartbreaking deaths, and killer cliffhangers that drove viewers everywhere crazy...and to their Internet browsers. Google Play has released its ranking of the 5 most downloaded shows of this past year, and there are a couple that may come as surprises. Prepare yourself for some blasts from the super-recent past of 2016, and check out the list of Google's top 5 shows!

the flash barry allen wally west kid flash

5. The Flash

The Flash is the biggest hit on The CW, but The CW is by far the smallest of the American broadcast networks. Still, something about the adventures of the Scarlet Speedster Barry Allen and his pals has struck a chord with viewers. I'm guessing that the big Flashpoint cliffhanger at the end of Season 2 probably had something to do with all the downloads. We had a long summer of waiting for news of what could possibly come next, and the plot hasn't gotten any less twisty in Season 3, so hopefully The CW considers its online popularity in considering the show's future.

4. Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is another show airing on a smaller network that doesn't tend to break ratings record, but limited reach hasn't stopped it from widespread critical acclaim. The USA hacker drama took home two top prizes in 2016 for Best Television Drama and Best Supporting Actor at the 73rd Golden Globes, and Rami Malek won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama at the 68th Emmy Awards. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those downloads came from people checking out just what all the buzz was about on those awards nights.

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the big bang theory penny sheldon leonard

3. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory had a very big year in 2016. Sheldon and Amy were more entertaining than ever after they finally slept together. Penny and Leonard were working out the kinks of married life, and the reveal that Bernadette is pregnant was a game-changer. Throw in the humorous cliffhanger in the Season 9 finale, and Season 10 was bound to continue to be must-see TV. Who could have guessed that a sitcom could still generate so much interest this late in the game? Though CBS skews on the higher end of the key age demographics, there's no worry about losing the more tech-friendly generations.

the walking dead aaron rick sasha

2. The Walking Dead

It's no surprise that The Walking Dead made the list of Google Play's top shows of 2016. The year kicked off witha major comic book moment, moved on to introduce a new gang of threats, and then ended Season 6 with a gigantic cliffhanger that still has people talking even months later. Add on the fact that Negan's actions in the Season 7 premiere pushed the show into a whole new era of uncertainty for the characters, and The Walking Dead has been kind of a big deal over the past year.

game of thrones battle of the bastards jon snow

1. Game of Thrones

HBO's Game of Thrones is Google Play's most popular show in 2016, and I can't say that I'm shocked. Ratings were higher than ever as viewers checked out to see where Dany flew off to, what royal drama was going on in King's Landing, and whether or not Jon Snow was actually really dead for good. Now that the show has officially passed the source material when it comes to plot, even book readers have to be on the edges of their seats in waiting to see what happens next, whether it's on a TV screen or a mobile device.

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