How The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon And Amy Finally Had Sex

Spoilers for tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, but definitely not for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, are below.

So, that happened. What am I talking about? Oh, just Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon and Amy finally getting their freak on is all. And it was pretty much just as awkward as was hoped and expected, although we didn’t actually get to see anything truly lecherous taking place, since this is CBS and all. (It would have been totally different on FX.) Our biggest complaint? A startling lack of both wah-wah guitar effects and Sheldon making lightsaber sounds with his… equipment.

The bed-centered event in question, which has been years and years in the making, was somewhat surprisingly played for fewer laughs than I expected, although having it mirrored with the rest of the guys (and Wil Wheaton) watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens was pretty funny. I guess the whole thing can’t quite be described as quaint or heartwarming, but it didn’t feel like a cheap stunt, and the booty sesh actually came across as a genuine next step in Amy and Sheldon’s relationship.

Not that it was the smoothest path to the bedroom. Since Amy’s birthday fell on the same night as the premiere of The Force Awakens, Sheldon was understandably challenged with making a choice that would appear obvious to anyone else, and it took Dream Jedi Bob Newhart to force some sense into his head. And he still almost screwed it up by unwittingly telling Amy that he’d originally not planned to do anything with her for her birthday. (I mean, they just got back together, so it’s arguable, right? No? Dammit.) But once Amy found out that her birthday gift was going to be a completely different kind of package than what comes wrapped, she was down for whatevs.

Will their relationship be any different now that they’ve finally explored each other’s bodies? Probably not, as Sheldon wasn’t too fazed by it all, merely enjoying sex more than he expected. And his mind was right back to Star Wars soon after. Amy, however, was damned impressed with the whole shebang, and we might see a more flirtatious side of her trying to sexually egg Sheldon on as time passes. I can’t tell if that’ll be funny or just gross-weird.

The Big Bang Theory is taking some post-coitus time off for the holidays, but it will be returning to its usual Thursday night nonsense on CBS on Thursday, January 7. Let us know below what you guys thought about everyone’s first time.

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