Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't seen tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

Was there ever any doubt that our heroes would pull it off? Sure, the fight against the Dominators was touch and go for a while (more often than not) but in the end, the badasses of the Arrow-verse managed to vanquish the alien invaders back into space. With The CW's annual DC crossover now complete, everyone seems ready to head back to his or her respective corner. However, one very important event occurred on tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow that could forever change the nature of these crossovers going forward. Not only did Kara Danvers return to her home in National City on Earth-38, but she also took home her own interdimensional communication device.

Supergirl The CW Crossover

As is typically customary at the end of these bigger crossover events, everyone gave gifts to one another. It's a tradition that dates back as Arrow's second season when Barry Allen made Oliver Queen his trademark mask. While everyone on the team exchanged pleasantries and presents, Cisco gave Supergirl a device that will eventually allow her to communicate with Earth-1 from her home on Earth-38, and possibly even travel to Earth-1 if necessary. And you know it will be necessary.

Up until now, the only Arrow-verse heroes with the ability to travel between dimensions have been The Flash and Vibe, and Flash made his way to Earth-38 by accident the first time around, due to his Tachyon device. While this has obviously made for some truly awesome sci-fi moments over the course of the last year, it has also kept things pretty one-sided. Kara watched Barry leave National City and simply had to wait for him to return unannounced. With this new device in her possession, she now has the ability to summon the heroes of Earth-1 to play in her backyard; not to crib Hawkeye's line from The Avengers, but now the door opens both ways.

Supergirl's ability to call upon her buddies from Earth-1 has far greater implications than a simple change of scenery. Beloved DC characters who do not exist in Earth-1 are currently thriving on Earth-38, and that creates untold potential. There's now a framework in place for even more intricate crossovers, meaning Superman and Martian Manhunter (to name a couple) could actually meet The Flash and Green Arrow (to name a couple) at some point.

Arrow Superman Supergirl

Establishing the relationships between these characters could go a long way towards getting even closer to some fascinating Justice League story arcs. Considering the antagonistic relationship often depicted between Superman and Green Arrow in the comics - there's a famous storyline in which Superman amputates the archer's arm against his will - that should be enough to get any self-respecting DC fan excited. Beyond that, Supergirl has very thoroughly hinted at the existence of Gotham City and a certain pointy-eared billionaire vigilante. Just think about the possibility of Oliver and Barry meeting him, and let that sink in for a moment.

Not only are crossovers far easier to pull off now, but they also offer far greater opportunities for complex storytelling. Are you excited about the possibilities that Kara Danvers' new toy opens up? Let us know what you think of this development (as well as the entire DC crossover event) in the comments section below!

Make sure to check out Kara's solo adventures every Monday night at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. For now, you can take a glance at our comprehensive midseason premiere guide for more information regarding all of the most highly anticipated midseason television debuts and mark you TV viewing schedules accordingly. Stay tuned for more details!

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