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Megyn Kelly Has Responded To The Rumors She Is Leaving Fox News

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It's been a tumultuous few months for Fox News, as the network has dealt with the the controversy regarding Roger Ailes and the shake-ups that have come with it. One of the network's biggest stars is Megyn Kelly. Fox News made her a big name, but now that her contract is coming up, reports have indicated the hotshot reporter may make her way to another network. While the rumors have been rampant for weeks, Megyn Kelly has finally sought to address them, noting this:

Many reporters are writing articles about me and my future at Fox. Don't believe a thing u hear unless it comes from me, period.

As the current host of The Kelly File on Fox News, Megyn Kelly enjoys success that a lot of other reporters at the network simply do not get. She gets to craft an entire series around her point of view, inviting millions of people to tune in. She also gets to be involved with a lot of the big ticket stories over at Fox News, including election coverage. However, recent reports have indicated that with her contract coming up, Megyn Kelly really wants upwards of $20 million dollars to stay with the network. If Fox News won't give her the contract another network might, which is how rumors that Megyn Kelly might be leaving Fox News for CNN or another network have spread like wildfire.

Still, Megyn Kelly is sticking to her guns about the speculation. She recently took to Twitter to explain that we shouldn't buy into the rumors and that she will make an announcement as soon as a decision about her next contract has been made. It's hard not to talk when there's potentially $20 million on the line, but the big question is whether or not Fox News values Megyn Kelly enough to shell out the big bucks to keep her on the air. If not, there's bound to be another network or project that would be happy to snap the well-known name in journalism up.

Currently, The Kelly File is doing pretty well on Fox News. It reportedly averages around 2.7 million total viewers, which is really good for a news program but not quite as good as The O'Reilly Factor (which averages over 3 million) or some of Fox News' other shows. Usually a person's contract reflects their importance as part of a network and we'll have to wait and see where Megyn Kelly will be the best fit.

We'll let you know when Megyn Kelly does eventually work the details of a new contract out, whatever network that ends up happening on. For now, you can continue to catch her on Fox News. The Kelly File currently airs on weekdays at 9 p.m. ET and 12 a.m. ET. To find out what else is headed to TV at midseason, check out our TV premiere calendar.

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