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The reality series Flip or Flop has been a huge hit for HGTV as the married couple Tarek and Christina El Moussa work together to buy, fix, and flip houses for a profit. News broke earlier this week that the couple had decided to split as husband and wife. It came as a shock and even a little bit of a scandal to fans that their favorite flipping couple had flopped, but it seems that Tarek and Christina have been moving on for a while. The El Moussas released a statement saying this:

We have both dated other people following the separation, but neither of us is ready to announce anything in terms of another relationship. We plan to continue our professional life together by being professional, by doing our jobs well, by being prepared and by working hard.

The reveal that Tarek and Christina El Moussa have been dating since their separation undoubtedly seems fast to those of us who only just found out about their marital issues, but the couple actually separated way back in May after an altercation involving what has been described as "a misunderstanding" with a gun. They've been separated for many months, and enough time has evidently passed that they feel comfortable moving on romantically. Tarek and Christina currently do not have plans to file for divorce, according to People. Still, their mutual attempts to move on are proof that they do not seem to be looking to rekindle any sparks in their marriage.

flip or flop tarek and christina el moussa

When the news of their marital troubles first broke this week, Tarek and Christina El Moussa's first statement indicated that they intended to work through the process of their separation with civility and continue fostering their professional relationship as co-hosts of Flip or Flop. HGTV is staying neutral on the subject. The network has said that the plan is to honor Tarek and Christina's intentions for their family and that production on Flip or Flop will carry on as scheduled, marital separation aside. We'll probably see less of the El Moussa family all happily together on Flip or Flop, but at least the show isn't coming to an end.

It should be interesting to see how well Tarek and Christina El Moussa will be able to sustain their professional lives as they grow further apart on a personal level. They seem to have done alright in the months following their separation. They'll undoubtedly be under closer scrutiny now that they've revealed the separation to the public, however. Hopefully they'll be able continue to cooperate with each other as they have so far since May, for the sake of the show as well as for their kids.

You can catch new episodes of Flip or Flop on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV. Check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what else you can watch on the small screen.

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