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Unsolved Mysteries was one of the creepiest shows on TV during its entire run, no matter who was hosting or on which network it was airing. As long as episodes began with the perpetually unsettling opening credits and tackled questions ranging from the criminal to the supernatural, viewers could be guaranteed eerie hours of television. Unsolved Mysteries has been off the air since 2010, but installments will soon be available to the masses once more. Episodes from the original run of the series will be updated and added to multiple streaming platforms in 2017.

Film and TV distributor FilmRise has acquired the digital distribution rights to Unsolved Mysteries. The company has big plans for bringing old episodes back with a new twist. The unsolved mysteries from previous episodes will be revised for re-release to include any developments in the cases since they were last examined by the series. A lot has happened since some of the mysteries were first tackled by the show, so the updates could be pretty fascinating.

Robert Stack worked as host of Unsolved Mysteries from 1987 - 2002, guiding viewers through all kinds of cases that were never satisfactorily resolved. The show came to an end in 2002, but it was rebooted in 2008 for Spike with Dennis Farina as host. The Farina-era episodes were not actually entirely new; in fact, they just repackaged cases from the Stack-era episodes. Both seasons of the Spike reboot with Dennis Farina are currently available streaming on Amazon. The FilmRise release will be the first time that updated versions of the Robert Stack episodes can be streamed online, according to The Wrap. The new episodes will begin streaming on Amazon in 2017.

Amazon will not be the only streaming platform that will make updated episodes of Unsolved Mysteries available to viewers. FilmRise has plans to continually release updated episodes from both the Robert Stack and Dennis Farina eras on other platforms as well. The company has not yet specified what other platforms will participate.

Unfortunately, we shouldn't expect any new footage from either of the two hosts. Robert Stack passed away in 2003 after a heart attack, and Dennis Farina died in 2013 after a pulmonary embolism. It's possible that FilmRise will find some unreleased footage from their times as hosts of the show, but there's no way for either to film anything new. Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer to find out whether or not viewers will be able to catch updated episodes of Unsolved Mysteries on platforms other than Amazon.

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