How Willie Robertson Feels About Duck Dynasty Ending

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Duck Dynasty was one of the biggest shows on television at the high points of its run on A&E, and it has given viewers a look at a culture of hunting and fishing that many of us would never have understood in detail, otherwise. The reality series has followed the Robertson family and their family business for half a decade now. Sadly for fans, Duck Dynasty will soon come to an end. Family patriarch (and occasional wedding crasher) Willie Robertson has shared his thoughts on his time on the show, saying this:

It has been over five years that we have been filming this show, which in television is a lifetime. There is always something going on. And so, we will just wait and see what happens. I am not a big goal guy. I don't try and set my five year plan.

Considering the successes that Willie Robertson has achieved over the past five years, he may have the right idea when it comes to going with his instincts rather than setting lofty goals for himself. His company became a hit thanks to its distinctive duck call and other products for duck hunters, and following the show he has written a book about about the history of fishing in the U.S. In addition, he's working on a show called Going Si-ral, and he landed a gig as a contributor to Fox News. All in all, the end of Duck Dynasty won't mean the end of Robertson's contributions to pop culture.

Willie Robertson went on in his chat with CBN to explain that he never expected his life to go the way that it has over the years since Duck Dynasty hit the airwaves, revealing this:

You think about it like this: Five years ago, if someone would have asked me what my goal was, I probably would have been way short of what was going to happen. I don't want to limit myself or limit God or anything. It will be nice at some point to slow down a little bit, kind of enjoy some of the things we've done.

The Robertson family has accomplished a lot since Duck Dynasty debuted in 2012, and Willie Robertson clearly isn't taking much of a break now that filming has concluded. If and when he does slow down, he will have more than earned his break. After all, he's certainly not the only one who would have expected Duck Dynasty to become the mega-hit that it did. The series broke cable ratings records and sometimes averaged audiences of more than 11 million viewers, which translates to higher viewership than many shows on the broadcast networks--channels that traditionally draw far more fans than cable channels like A&E.

The ratings have dropped significantly over the years, but the core fanbase seems to have stuck around for the run of the series. It should be interesting to see how Duck Dynasty performs in its final season. Season 11 will officially be the last season of Duck Dynasty, and it is set to debut in spring of 2017. Season 10 is still on the air, however, with new episodes running on A&E through January 18. Be sure to check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what all you can watch on the small screen in the new year.

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