We're past Christmas and almost into the New Year, and yet Doctor Who's holiday special, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio," still has us thinking. For one, it has us wondering if we want to attend the encore Fathom Events screening, if only to see the action on the big screen, but there are some other big thoughts that have swirled about in our heads as well. This year's Christmas episode was full of Doctor Who nods like the finale of the River Song story, as well as that marquee reading "Mind of Evil," which is the name of a story from the Third Doctor's tenure, but the introduction of a proper superhero allowed for lots of references and inside jokes to be appreciated by Marvel and DC Comics fans who just happen to be Whovians as well. Here is the best of that super-bunch.

Miss Shuster and Ms. Siegel

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were the creators of the original Action Comics-born Superman, a character which The Ghost/Grant Gordon owes a huge debt to. Strangely enough, Shuster and Siegel were given a gender-swapped reference in "The Return of Doctor Mysterio," in the form of two female employees working for Harmony Shoals. Another fun reference to the comic legends' creation can be found in the rotating globe logo that sits atop the Harmony Shoals building -- which mirrors that of The Daily Planet.

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