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One of the most talked-about original series to debut on Netflix in 2016 was Fuller House. The Full House revival follows the continuing adventures of the extended Tanner family now that the girls are all grown up. The sitcom was officially renewed for a third season not long after its sophomore season hit, and Fuller House creator and executive producer Jeff Franklin has taken to social media to announce an exciting change coming to Season 3.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to season 3 -- 18 episodes -- Back to work on Monday!

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Jeff Frankin's Instagram post is definitely a reason for Fuller House fans to get excited. The first two seasons of the revival lasted for only 13 episodes each, but Netflix was evidently satisfied enough with how those first efforts went that Season 3 received an order for even more episodes. The bonus five should allow for more binge-ready family fun and Tanner shenanigans than we got in either of the previous seasons.

It seems that Jeff Franklin and the Fuller House team got right to work after the renewal order, too. Confirmation of Season 3 only came late in December, so Franklin clearly isn't wasting any time in getting back in the Fuller House groove. The additional workload probably shortened the work hiatus.

The super-sized Season 3 might come as a surprise to many. The numbers for Fuller House Season 2 were reportedly down from the averages for Season 1, which was reportedly in the company's top few shows. In fact, according to data from measurement company Symphony Advanced Media, ratings for the second season could have dropped more than 60% from the first season. That said, the ratings still seemed decently big, although it's hard to compare to other Netflix shows when Netflix doesn't release ratings itself. Likewise, Netflix is notorious for its refusals to release official ratings and viewership calculations to the public for analysis, and Symphony's numbers represent a very select sampling size. Either way, the renewal and extra five episodes mean that fans who fell in love and stayed with Fuller House will have at least one more season to enjoy.

One variable that may have worked in Fuller House's favor is the fact that the team managed to produce two seasons in one year. The first season premiered in February 2016, and the second hit the web in December 2016, so even if the ratings weren't stellar, no time was wasted in producing new episodes for fans. The novelty of Fuller House didn't even have the chance to entirely wear off before a brand new batch of episodes became available to stream.

Jeff Franklin and Co. have clearly only just started production on Fuller House Season 3, so we probably won't get to see any new episodes for a while. In a chat with CinemaBlend, Franklin revealed that he wasn't sure if they could produce two seasons in one year again. We'll have to wait and see if the super-sized Season 3 will be the only season we get in 2017. No matter what happens, I know that my fingers are crossed for an Olsen twins appearance.

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