Days Of Our Lives May End This Year, Here's What We Know

Days of Our Lives

If you're a soap opera fan, then you're probably used to seeing every twist in the book, but that might not be enough to prepare you for this: 2017 could potentially be the final year for Days of Our Lives. The long-running soap has had threats of cancellation before but this latest rumor could be credible in the fact that its related to the most recent NBC shakeup in the form of the addition of one Megyn Kelly to the news roster.

According to People, sources close to Days of Our Lives say that executives have told key staffers and several cast members that this upcoming year will likely be the last for the soap opera. For several years now, the series has been renewed on a year-by-year basis and the current contract ends after 2017. As for why the show could be getting canceled after so many years on air -- it just recently celebrated its 51st anniversary -- the insider claims that it has to do with former Fox anchor Megyn Kelly moving over to NBC.

It was recently announced that journalist Megyn Kelly would not be renewing her contract with Fox and would instead be joining the news team over at NBC. Kelly will continue to work at Fox until July and then it's off to NBC, though, what she will end up doing seems to still be a big question.

"Nobody knows what she is going to be doing," said the insider. "There is so much that has to still be arranged."

Kelly was offered three different potential roles at NBC by the network's news chairman, Andrew Lack: anchor an in-depth Sunday night news show; play a role in NBC's big events and special political coverage; and have a chance to host her own daytime news and discussion show. It's that last one that directly impacts the fate of Days of Our Lives.

If Kelly does choose to do a daytime show, it's going to need a timeslot. Days of Our Lives' 1-2 p.m. slot is some juicy placement for a daytime show, and NBC could bump the soap opera to make room for Kelly. It wouldn't be an unprecedented move by TV standards. ABC, for instance, canceled its own long-running soaps All My Children and One Life to Live in 2011 to make room for daytime talk shows like The Chew and The Revolution (which got canceled). If NBC chooses not to find a new spot for Days of Our Lives -- which has been airing new episodes nearly every weekday since 1965 -- then it might finally be the end for the soap.

After 51 years on the air, you can't say that they didn't give it a chance. There is bound to be more information about Days of Our Lives and Megyn Kelly soon, so keep checking back in with CinemaBlend for all the latest information.

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