Why The New Bachelor's First Date With His Fiancee Ran Into A Huge Problem

Any given season of The Bachelor is bound to be filled with episode after episode of escalating craziness, so the ideally happy couple should usually find their lives less hectic after the finale. In the case of most recent Bachelor Ben Higgins, however, his first date at home with new fiancée Lauren Bushnell did not sail as smoothly as he hoped. In fact, it ended with the poor guy getting stuck in an elevator.

Lauren Bushnell recently moved to Denver to live with Ben Higgins (without a couple of dozen other women vying for his attention), according to People, and it turns out he was the only lovebird trapped in the elevator because he decided to take the chivalrous route and fetch the car for Bushnell. Given what happened during his trip to the parking garage, we have to hope that he had an easier time picking a winner of The Bachelor than he did picking a date night location with elevator access.

Fortunately for any Bachelor fans following the adventure via Lauren Bushnell’s Snapchat posts, it was clear that Higgins was never in any actual danger. His ego might have been a bit bruised by the fact that a firefighter had to rescue him from an elevator on his first post-show date with Bushnell, but the mishap was relatively minor on the list of things that can go wrong in an elevator.

Once Higgins made his grand escape, he took over the social media duties and hit up Twitter with a reassuring and slightly hilarious tweet about the experience:

After spending so much time having to worry about which woman to choose, no doubt being stranded without any women at all would be traumatizing. It wasn’t a great start to a happily-ever-after, but he did have a pretty good idea of how to kick off the recovery process:

All in all, it’s nice to see that the survivors of Season 20 of The Bachelor aren’t too phased by something as relatively painless as this elevator malfunction. Honestly, if everything works out for the happy couple, this could be a real story to tell the grandkids. It would definitely beat out some of the shenanigans from their time on TV. For a trip down memory lane of Season 20, check out our list of the ten craziest moments ranked by how incredibly off-the-wall they were.

Sadly for fans of The Bachelor, another season isn't going to be hitting the airwaves anytime too soon. Fortunately, there will be some Bachelor-esque shenanigans on the small screen thanks to Season 12 of The Bachelorette, which is set to premiere on May 23 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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