Watch The Roots Hilariously Reenact A Ridiculous Scene From The Bachelor

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Nick Viall only recently took over as the latest Bachelor, but he's already breaking hearts and sending some ladies home. During the most recent episode, there was some drama between contestants Corinne and Taylor leading into an intense conversation between the two women about their issues after one woman interrupted the other. Never one to miss a great comedy opportunity, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon took the dramatic conversation between the two ladies and recreated it, using none other than two members of The Roots as stand-ins. You can watch the glorious results of that endeavor, below.

Questlove recently helped out Jimmy Fallon with the Golden Globe Awards. He generally seems pretty game for anything, so it's no real surprise that he got involved in The Tonight Show's "Bachelor" skit. Joining him is other Roots member Tariq, who has some acting experience in his own right. Tariq plays "Corinne" and Questlove takes on the role of "Taylor" for this auspicious sketch. We'd tell you more about the general antics they get up to, but it's really the sort of thing you need to see for yourself. Just know that the word "situation" is used an awful lot.

I love how at the beginning of this video, Jimmy Fallon gets a little quiet and leans in before confirming that the crew on The Tonight Show just can't get enough of ABC's The Bachelor. Unfortunately, Fallon and co. are unlikely to get many fun scoops from the reality series, as The Tonight Show airs on the wrong network, NBC. Jimmy Kimmel has pretty much got the market covered in terms of Bachelor and Bachelorette appearances, but he didn't think up this hilarious Bachelor skit, Fallon did.

While you'll probably have to head to ABC to get your Bachelor fix in the future, this is one of my favorite things that late night has done this week. Even if you aren't a fan of the zany weirdness The Bachelor and Bachelorette put together on a weekly basis, the whole premise of this sketch works for everyone. It's funny for fans who can laugh at the ludicrousness of The Roots pretending they are vying for Nick Viall's affections. It's funny for people who like to poke fun at the series, too.

To stay up-to-date regarding all of the rose-giving on our show, here's our guide to what is going on in The Bachelor. New episodes of the ABC reality competition series air on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on ABC.

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