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Gotham has played fast and loose with DC Comics canon from the very beginning, and viewers have seen brand new versions of origin stories for legendary comic characters. Selina Kyle has had a major presence in all three seasons so far, and she is slowly coming to resemble everybody's favorite feline burglar from Batman lore. Actress Camren Bicondova recently spoke with CinemaBlend about Selina's journey on Gotham, and she said this to me about when we'll see more of Catwoman's presence:

Especially after this next episode airs, Episode 13; I think she's actually going to believe in herself and she's actually going to believe that she's a strong independent person. I think she's always said that to make herself feel better and make it easier for her to live and survive, but after instances that are going to be occurring in her life soon, I think they're actually going to force her to actually believe that she is this strong independent young lady instead of just telling herself that. I think that's one step she's going to be taking to becoming Catwoman.

Selina has definitely talked a tough game over the three seasons of Gotham to date, and she's done her best to prove to the rest of the world that she can handle life as a street kid on her own. Plus, she has actually done a surprisingly solid job of providing for herself in a place as wild and unpredictable as Gotham City, but she always found reasons to second-guess herself in a way that not many of us would have expected in a future Catwoman. Now it sounds like Selina just needed an extra push to fully embrace her feline independence.

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Given the way that the latest episode ended - *MILD SPOILER WARNING *- Selina will probably need to think fast to even survive her next ordeal. Her reunion with her long-lost mom didn't exactly go as either of the Kyle ladies hoped, and just when everything seemed to be improving thanks a bit of intervention from Bruce and a home-cooked meal from Alfred, Maria's past came back to endanger everything that Selina has built. Maria Kyle doesn't seem capable of getting out of this mess on her own; Selina may be the one who needs to step up and save the day.

Camren Bicondova elaborated on how Selina will change to become more like Catwoman in the coming episodes, saying this:

Catwoman actually believes everything she says and thinks, whereas Selina over the past two seasons has been kind of saying things to make herself feel better, so that would be the one thing that she's going to be changing.

Gotham has always struck the perfect balance between the unpredictable and the predestined when it comes to crafting origin stories for iconic comic characters. Going by Camren Bicondova's words about what's in the works for the near future on Gotham, Selina's journey to becoming Catwoman could be exactly what fans are hoping for in the second half of Season 3, especially if it means a major jump in maturation and confidence from the curly-locked criminal.

Selina also isn't the only Gotham character who will begin to resemble a comic counterpart. Cory Michael Smith told CinemaBlend earlier this week that Ed Nygma will be getting his Riddler costume in Season 3, and executive producer John Stevens has revealed that the return of Jerome will affect Bruce's development into the Dark Knight. All things considered, it sounds like we have a lot to look forward to with the Gotham characters we've come to know and love.

Tune in to Fox on Monday, January 23 at 8 p.m. ET to see what happens next for Selina Kyle on Gotham, and be sure to check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what else you can catch on the small screen in the near future.