How Sheldon And Amy's Second Big Birthday Bang Went Down

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Fall finale of The Big Bang Theory. Feel free to read one of our other awesome articles if you haven't caught up yet.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will know that Amy's birthday has become a special time on the show, and not because she likes getting older. Oh, no. Amy's birthday is the one time during the year that Sheldon will agree to have sex with her. Well, the big occasion did, indeed, go down again this year, but not before a couple of false starts led to some culmination help from Harry Potter. Let me explain.

Amy got quite the surprise at the beginning of The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon woke her up at midnight to wish her a happy birthday and present her with a gift of a copy of the functional MRI he had done just for her. After that gift exchange, Sheldon mentioned that he was well aware of what her birthday meant, and that they could get on with the getting down. This was, of course, news that made our sex-starved friend Amy very happy, and things between the live-in lovebirds started to heat up pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, Bernadette was having her own event on Amy's birthday: she was busy giving birth for the first time. And, this news led to a poorly timed knock on the door from Penny as she and Leonard were about to head out to the hospital. As good friends would, Sheldon and Amy decided to hold off on their coitus in order to go along and wait for Bernadette and Howard to usher the little Wolowitz into the world.

But, by the time the two couples are heading down the stairs, Penny gets another call letting them know that it's too early and they shouldn't go to the hospital yet. She suggests heading to a diner until Sheldon reminds her that it's Amy's birthday and she then knowingly releases Sheldon and Amy from any non-sex duties. The two head back to the apartment, but now the mood is feeling forced, like, according to Sheldon, all of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels.

This is when Amy gets the bright idea to let Harry Potter amp things up a bit. She heads into the bathroom and changes into the Gryffindor school robe she bought during a visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. This gets Sheldon appropriately hot and bothered, until he realizes this purchase means that Amy went to the park without him. As you can probably imagine, an argument at this moment does not make the mood better, but it turns out that Bernadette really is having her baby now, so at least Amy and Sheldon don't spend the night fighting.

Actually, after the baby is born, Amy and Sheldon do the only thing they could to make things right and both spend the day at the theme park. And, this is enough to finally get Amy her much deserved birthday bang, which, if Sheldon is to be believed as he briefly recounted last year's festivities, would take several joy-inducing hours. Lucky, lucky Amy.

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