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Criminal Minds has had a lot of shocking storylines in its time on the air, and this season is no different. But, it sounds like something especially shocking will be coming for our friends at BAU before too long. According to actress A.J. Cook, who plays JJ, whatever's coming is going to be big and might cause quite the uproar among fans.

All of the 'drama' that's happened this year has opened the door to write some interesting storylines, so we're going with it --- and we're going to shock a lot of people. We've got some very personal stuff happening to some very loved characters, so there will be mayhem within the fandom. But don't worry, stick with us.

Well, it sounds a lot like whatever shocking storylines they have coming up won't involve any of the newbies on the team, but will directly hit the lives of long-time Criminal Minds fan favorites. It also seems like these big events won't be solely focused on the work they do at BAU, but will be things that affect members of the team personally, and to the point where fans of the show may revolt over the things the show puts our favorite characters through. When you're talking about a show that deals with horrible, terrible serial killers on a weekly basis, there are lots of creepy places these shocking storylines could go.

We've already had killer Tommy Yates come back to taunt Rossi, and Tara's brother get kidnapped, so what else could be on tap for the agents of Criminal Minds? To tell you the truth, I'm worried about pretty much everyone's family. Really, what better way to toy with an agent who's tracking you than to target the ones they care about? And, A.J. Cook's words to TVLine really have me thinking mostly about Reid's mother, Diana. That guy has been through so much with his schizophrenic and Alzheimer's suffering mother over the years, and we do know that the character will be back in a few weeks for a big Reid-centric storyline. I've got a bad feeling that that storyline might see big trouble come looking for Reid and Diana. Honestly, who could put it past Criminal Minds to bring back a character that hasn't been on screen for eight years and then kill her off? I know I don't.

According to Cook, JJ is definitely going to have something big coming up. Here's what she had to say about her character:

Something happens that really rocks her, indirectly. She has a hard time handling what happens.

Holy hell, what does that mean? All I can say is that since A.J. Cook mentions that JJ will be rocked "indirectly," that must mean that it's got nothing to do with her young family, which would surely have her very directly rocked. Well, Cook also said that we should stick with Criminal Minds through the shocking turbulence ahead, and we can all do that when the show airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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