Tim Daly Was In A Major Skiing Accident, How Will It Affect Madam Secretary?

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There are times when TV shows deal with upheaval, often because actors on TV shows are pregnant or in rehab or dealing with other personal stuff. Sometimes, however, shows are affected by accidents, as happened that time lighting silk fell on Kristin Chenoweth's head when she was filming The Good Wife. This week we learned that the lead of another CBS show, Madam Secretary's Tim Daly, broke both of his legs while skiing. That's going to lead to some interesting camera shots.

The good news? Madam Secretary is not going to shut down or go on hiatus while Tim Daly recuperates. The actor is still set to appear in the rest of the Season 3 episodes of the series, which should wrap up on CBS this May. The show will be impacted at least a little bit, however, as Madam Secretary is either going to have to shoot a lot of scenes with Elizabeth's husband sitting down behind a desk or counter or something. Either that or Madam Secretary is going to somehow have to figure out a way to explain the injury. Freak car accident! Marine Corp reunion drill gone wrong! Or, I suppose the show could always just go with a skiing accident. That would be classic.

Luckily, Tim Daly doesn't do all of the heavy lifting on Madam Secretary. The show's lead is Tea Leoni's Dr. Bess Adams McCord, a professor who took over the position of Secretary of State some time ago, after the original Secretary died. Still, Daly's role is sizable and the series would be very different if the character were cut out or not around as much. We're just pretty thankful at this point that Daly's injury was not worse and won't keep him wholly out of commission for the rest of Season 3.

The actor was skiing over the weekend at Sundance when the accident happened, and it has been reported that he was in Sundance on vacation. He's going into surgery today, and is expected to need six to eight weeks to recover from that surgery, which actually seems not-so-bad, for breaking both legs. Variety first posted the news about the accident, noting that the show has not yet decided whether to shoot around or incorporate the accident. Usually TV shows film a bit in advance, so it will likely be at least a few episodes before the show will have to address the injuries, so don't be too weirded out if you don't notice anything different right away.

For now, you can catch new episodes of Madam Secretary on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET, only on CBS. To find out when the rest of your favorite programs are returning to the TV schedule, take a look at our full premiere guide.

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