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While a lot of network TV shows returned early this January, we had to wait a while longer for The CW to bring back The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. This week, the wait was finally over, however, and last night The Flash made its big return. Unfortunately, it came back with less of a splash than usual. In fact, the numbers are in and they indicate The Flash just hit a new series low in the ratings.

If you've been keeping tabs on The Flash during Season 3, you may already know that The Flash has seen its numbers dwindle a bit from past seasons, especially in the Live+ same day ratings. However, the show has stayed above a 1.0 rating through its entire run. That is until this week, when The Flash only brought in a .9 rating, according to TV by the Numbers. This marks a series low for the drama--and that's not the first time the show has hit lows during the 2016-2017 TV season.

the flash season 3

Last season, The Flash hit some ratings milestones and overall did really well at The CW, making it the network's highest rated show. It's still averaging a 1.1 rating, which is a lot better than the other shows on The CW are currently doing. The Flash is still popular, but compared to Season 2, it's not nearly as popular as it was. Last season The Flash averaged a 1.4 rating, and its midseason return did a 1.35. That's a far cry from the .9 rating the show brought in this week. Plus, as ratings traditionally dwindle as the season goes on, these may not be the lowest numbers we see during Season 3.

Honestly, the drops this week could be somewhat of a fluke. Supergirl was also down on Monday night from its last outing on the CW, although it didn't hit a season low. A lot of shows came back a week or two ago and fans may not have known to tune in for their favorite DC Comics-oriented CW shows this week. It also should be noted that The Flash still soundly beat Legends of Tomorrow, which only did a .6 rating after The Flash aired. So, The Flash is still the most popular of the DC-oriented shows. It's also soundly beating the likes of Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and especially shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Plus, The CW already renewed the drama for next TV season. It really has nothing to worry about, except in regards to its longterm goals at the network.

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It's beginning to be clear that The Flash has already hit its peak viewership, but it's still pretty popular, which means the numbers will slowly go down rather than up. That can happen to a CW show for years before the network cancels it, and we do expect The Flash to outlive Arrow, which has already been on the air for quite a bit longer, and probably some of the other DC-oriented shows. We'll keep you updated about renewals and cancellations. But for now, here's the rundown of what has been cancelled and renewed.

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