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The Flash Renewed For Season 4 On The CW

the flash season 3

While a lot of the major networks wait until the very last second to let us know whether or not our favorite shows have been renewed or cancelled, The CW has been a lot better about being upfront regarding its decisions. It probably helps that a good chunk of The CW's originals get renewed every year, but it's still good to know what is coming back. This weekend, The Flash was officially renewed for a fourth season on The CW.

The renewal came as part of a bundle that also included the other three DC shows on The CW. In addition, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Supernatural and Jane the Virgin will also be back next TV season. Since its inception, The Flash has aired a whopping 23 episodes per season, and we expect that to last into 2017-2018, as well, although the network has given out no official details related to what we can expect from the upcoming fourth season of the superhero drama.

Of all of The CW's shows, The Flash is the network's highest-rated property. This season, the show's ratings have been down somewhat, but the show has still been pulling in an average of a 1.15 rating. That translates into over 3 million viewers each episode. Although the numbers are down a little bit from previous seasons, The Flash is still crushing all of the networks other shows. The next closest series in regards to the ratings is Supergirl, which has hovered a little under the 1.0 mark.

The Flash kicked off its third season with the highly touted "Flashpoint" story, which has had ramifications through all of the DC shows this season. Other episodes of note have also included the big 4-way crossover on the CW, which also crushed in the ratings. The Kevin Smith-directed episode of The Flash has also been a season highlight. Although the numbers are down a little bit, the good thing is that The CW doesn't need quite as high of ratings to remain viable.

During the winter, all of The CW shows take a hiatus. This is common for network TV, but many of the major network shows are coming back earlier this year. That's less true of The Flash, which will be returning on Tuesday, January 24 at 8 p.m. ET, followed by Legends of Tomorrow in its new timeslot. Even though we won't get new episodes for a while, on the bright side, The CW has already released a new trailer for the upcoming episodes.

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