What The Fork? The Good Place Renewed For Season 2 By NBC

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There are several new shows that have already cemented themselves as big winners during the 2016-2017 TV season, including NBC's own This is Us. However, there are other shows that have been a bit more of a toss-up between cancellation and renewal, and it looks like one of them managed to scrape together enough viewers to come back for Season 2. That's right folks, The Good Place has been renewed for Season 2.

This is huge news, and not just because the show is going to come back. The networks have not been big on either cancelling or renewing shows early this TV season, with the CW being an exception. (For instance The Flash and a slew of other shows have already been renewed.) However, last week, NBC started breaking form when it renewed freshman drama This is Us. Now, the Peacock Network can add The Good Place to the list.

Per an announcement from NBC, The Good Place will be back during the 2017-2018 TV season. Like Season 1, the second season of the comedy will get a shortened season of 13 episodes, which is something that creator Mike Schur has stated has been an advantage for the TV series in terms of his vision for the show as well as writing a tight TV season.

While The Good Place has been averaging a 1.9 rating in Live+ 7 ratings, its same day numbers have been less bright. By the last couple of episodes, the show was only pulling in a 1.1. rating in the advertising demo, down from the 2.3 it pulled during its premiere. Still, in today's TV terms, those numbers were pretty middling. There was a decent chance NBC would go for more episodes, and the numbers were enough for NBC to decide the network wanted more of the Mike Schur created sitcom.The network also mentioned that The Good Place does well with a more upscale demographic, which probably also helped NBC to make the decision, as people with more money have more money to burn.

There's also the critical factor. After putting us through the paces and introducing us to a rather wacky premise, The Good Place revealed a twist ending during its finale that perfectly set the series up for Season 2. Fans of the show were doubtless hoping for a renewal and not having to wait until May to learn the fate of the TV series is, quite frankly, a relief. Not a ton of network TV shows get to have their fates decided before the networks have made decisions about which new pilots will move forward, etc. And while we wait for that to happen, there are plenty of shows that are just now hitting the schedule at midseason. To learn more, check out our TV premiere schedule. In addition, you can catch up on _The Good Plac_e on NBC.com.

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