Why The Big Bang Theory Is No Longer About Two Nerds Interacting With The Hot Girl

the big bang theory season 11

The Big Bang Theory is currently airing its 10th Season on CBS. If you are familiar with the show's run at all, you should know that the direction of the series has changed over time. Early on, it was mostly focused on a group of single dudes who were awkward with women, as well as the cute girl next door. The show has changed directions as the characters have grown and aged, and series lead Johnny Galecki recently explained why those changes have happened on the comedy over time.

The writers are realistic about these characters maturing and evolving, and they have [done that] in wonderful ways. You couldn't watch 10 seasons of these guys not being able to get a date.

While some of the funniest material happened back in the days when characters like Leonard and Sheldon were far more into fun debates and geeky conversations than in attracting and keeping girls around, the show has definitely turned into something with more talking points for the average fans. As Johnny Galecki noted in Glamour, the characters had to mature and evolve over time. People don't stay exactly the same over a period of 10 years, especially when exploring a time period of change, as happens in your twenties and thirties. We may miss the days when the guys had trouble attracting the affections of the ladies on the show, but if we had seen them do the same thing through the past 10 seasons we likely would have given up on the CBS sitcom long ago.

During Season 10, we've seen roommate situations change and the characters grow as changes in roommates have been made. Bernadette and Howard had a baby, which is probably the biggest life change The Big Bang Theory has gone through so far. In this week's episode, Sheldon even strove to understand his friends' emotions better got a machine from MIT that helped him with that task. Like, can you imagine Sheldon from the early seasons even considering that concept? I can't.

The TV Landscape changes all the time. Show must adapt or die, and The Big Bang Theory has made the necessary changes to be one of the longest-running shows on network TV. The end of this season will mark the end of a huge three-year contract the network made with the show, and we'll have to wait and see if new episodes are even in the cards. I for one, really hope the comedy will be back. It may have peaked, but at least the show still features characters I'm invested in.

We'll let you know as soon as CBS makes a decision on The Big Bang Theory. In the meantime, take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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