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How Jim Parsons Feels About The Big Bang Theory Adding A Baby

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The Big Bang Theory is adding a baby into the mix. Fans of the CBS comedy have known that Bernadette would be having a baby for a while. In fact, the audience learned that she was expecting before she even told Howard, thanks to her revealing the news to a rabbit. (It sounds weirder in context than it actually played out.) Of course, the cast also knows about Bernadette's impending arrival, and now we understand exactly how Jim Parsons feels about The Big Bang Theory getting a baby. His reaction is actually pretty great:

Jim is fine with a baby coming on the show because it's not mine. How does Sheldon feel? I don't know if he's going to be excited about it, but I kind of hope not because that would mean that I have to hold it for lots of episodes. I like a baby... but I mean a fake baby.

Jim Parson revealed to ET that as an actor he's fine with a baby because it's not his or his character's kid to deal with. It's really funny that Jim Parsons would have that particular reaction to a baby heading to his sitcom. One would expect him to either be excited or repulsed by the thought of a baby---or more likely twin babies---on the set, but instead he cracks a joke about Howard and Bernadette's upcoming plight and how his character hopefully won't have to deal with it much.

If you were expecting for Season 10 to pick up with Bernadette already dealing with new motherhood, you are probably going to be disappointed. Showrunner Steve Molaro said that fans of The Big Bang Theory are going to have to wait a while before the baby is birthed. The show is going to let the baby plotline roll out like a real-life pregnancy, so depending on if Season 10 kicks off right where Season 9 left off or begins a short time in the future, it could be a while before we see a baby on the show.

If other series actress Kaley Cuoco gets her way, it will be a long while before The Big Bang Theory starts including baby-oriented plots into the story. Here's what she had to say:

Maybe [Bernadette] can be pregnant for, like, three seasons so we can wait a couple of years, but we'll see.

CBS' The Big Bang Theory has already been renewed by the network for Season 10, although contracts have not been worked out for any additional pickups after the 2016-2017 TV season, yet. New episodes will begin airing on Mondays in the fall and the show will switch to its usual Thursday night timeslot after CBS stops airing Thursday Night Football. You can see what the networks have coming up this summer, here.

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