Arrow And The Flash Creator's New Superhero Drama Is Moving Forward

To say that Greg Berlanti is on a roll with small screen comic book adaptations would be a massive understatement. The guy has become the go-to man for DC TV shows, and the Arrow-verse has pretty much become the gold standard for how to craft a genuinely interconnected superhero universe. His work on The CW is unparalleled, but it seems that he's far from done. Hot off the success of other recently successful pitches, we've just learned that Greg Berlanti has officially sold a Black Lightning pilot to The CW.

According to a recent report from THR, it appears that The CW has officially ordered a Black Lightning pilot from Greg Berlanti. The project was originally in development at Fox but subsequently moved to The CW after Fox passed on the project due to its abundance of comic book properties -- not unlike Riverdale, or Supergirl's recent transition to The CW from CBS. It seems that the network is becoming the quintessential home for Greg Berlanti's comic book adaptations, and we're just fine with that. The report does not confirm whether or not Black Lightning will take place on Earth-1 alongside shows like Arrow and The Flash, but it would make sense for the show to exist in its own timeline and Earth if it was originally pitched to a different network. Besides, Barry Allen could always bring him to Earth-1 whenever they want to make a crossover happen anyway.

Arrowverse Black Lightning

Jefferson Pierce a.k.a Black Lighting is one of the most iconic heroes in the history of the greater DC lore. Debuting in 1977, he was one of the first major, mainstream black superheroes, and he has since gone on to become a member of the Justice League. His basic depiction has varied somewhat over the years. In some incarnations, he can generate force fields and fire off blasts of electricity as a result of a high-tech belt he wears around his waist, while other incarnations of the character have made that power a genuine superpower. However, in all incarnations, he is an absolute badass.

We would also be remiss for not pointing out that fact that Black Lightning will be the first contemporary DC TV television series fronted by a black superhero. Although prominent black characters like Mr. Terrific and Wally West have indeed made notable impressions within the Arrow-verse over the course of the last few years, Black Lightning will the first time that a black hero gets to take center stage in the DC universe. That's a pretty significant milestone in the history of the medium.

We will bring you more information regarding the future of the Black Lightning pilot as more details become available to us. The show, if picked up to series, would join the rest of Greg Berlanti's Arrow-verse series on The CW during the 2017-2018 season. Check out our midseason premiere guide for more information concerning all of the spring premieres set to debut over the course of the next few months.

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