Watch Supergirl, J'onn, and M'gann Battle A White Martian In New Clip

Supergirl has spent a good chunk of Season 2 exploring new species of alien, and the show even introduced another Martian as a major character. Unfortunately for J'onn J'onzz, M'gann M'orzz is actually a White Martian. She turned out to be one of the good guys, but now another White Martian is on the way to hunt her down, and the other good guys are going to need to help her out. A clip of Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, and Miss Martian joining forces has hit the web, and it's worth checking out. Take a look!

If this clip is anything to go by, the good guys are in for a rough ride in the next episode. They're only up against the White Martian in his own skin in this first look; once he starts shape-shifting, they won't have such an easy time knowing who to bludgeon, beat, and/or heat-vision into submission. It already took the combined forces of two of Earth-38's mightiest heroes (with an assist from newbie Miss Martian) to take him down this time. Now that he knows what they can do, what they look like, and that J'onn works for the D.E.O., things could get ugly fast.

We already knew that the episode would probably borrow some elements from the Ray Bradbury story "The Martian Chronicles," so the odds were pretty good that nobody was going to have a fun time in the episode. M'gann is lucky that J'onn finally came to terms with the fact that she is a member of the species that wiped out his family and most of the rest of the Green Martians. Sure, she defected when she couldn't bring herself to kill a young Green Martian, but she was still in a position of power among the White Martians that destroyed his people.

For M'gann's sake, we can only hope that the threat of the White Martians isn't enough to make J'onn question whether or not he did the right thing in choosing to protect her. Of course, given that this attack from the White Martian takes place right outside of the bar full of aliens, we can guess that he's either very unaware of the alien population of National City or very bold. After all, past episodes have shown that aliens are willing to help each other out if they face outside threats, and some of the regulars at that bar are probably pretty powerful.

All things considered, this White Martian is just lucky that Mon-El apparently wasn't inside the bar at the time. He might have been reduced to White Martian goo if he faced attacks from Supergirl, Mon-El, Martian Manhunter, and Miss Martian all at the same time. He's a formidable creature with a mission to get his hands on M'gann, and the heroes may need to cross a few lines to win the day.

Tune in to The CW tonight at 8 p.m. ET to see Kara and Co. face off against a White Martian on Supergirl, and don't forget to stop by our midseason TV premiere schedule.

Laura Hurley
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