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For the past ten seasons, Johnny Galecki has been crushing it out on The Big Bang Theory. At this point, he commands one of the highest TV salaries and is well-known in households throughout the U.S. However, he's not someone who is just content to stick with the CBS sitcom. We recently learned he's also involved with another comedy that is in the works at CBS. Luckily, this may not be bad news for The Big Bang Theory.

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The potential sitcom is currently rolling with the title Living Biblically. If it moves forward, it will follow a young man who is dealing with some issues and ultimately decides the way to fix them is to "live biblically." Per Variety, this will mean avoiding "shellfish" and "fabric mixing." The project is being based on the book The Year Of Living Biblically, a book which found there are over 700 guidelines in the Bible. Here's the thing: No lead has been signed on for Living Biblically, yet. Instead, Johnny Galecki has signed on in an executive producing capacity, alongside Andrew Haas and Spencer Medof. Patrick Walsh is also writing the project and will executive produce it.

Currently, the cast of The Big Bang Theory is in negotiations to produce more episodes of the CBS series. Most of the leads on the show have expressed a willingness to do more episodes, but like many other things, this will likely come down to money, and CBS' willingness to part with money in order to keep The Big Bang Theory on the air. The Big Bang Theory is clearly still a highly rated series for CBS and the network has already said it would like to continue to produce episodes after Season 10. Things look fairly hopeful for fans of the long-running comedy, but it would be foolish to call it before the unpredictable negotiations pan out.

If Johnny Galecki were signed on as a lead in this brand new project, I'd be a whole lot more worried about the future of the series, as that would make it seem like the major cast members have started to get new projects lined up. However, it's perfectly possible to star in one show and executive produce another. Galecki doesn't have a long track record of producing, but he does have some credits under his belt. He could be involved with Living Biblically while still filming The Big Bang Theory. Plus, if The Big Bang Theory doesn't move forward and Living Biblically does, at least he'll have something to do after the iconic sitcom ends.

Obviously, there are a lot of what if's in this equation. The Big Bang Theory may or may not get picked up for next TV season. Living Biblically also may or may not move forward to pilot and then to series on CBS. It's best not to put all of your eggs into one basket, and that's what Johnny Galecki seems to be doing, here.

That said, we'll let you know as soon as either of the aforementioned comedies figure it out. For now, see what CBS has coming up with our midseason TV premiere schedule.