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Bill Nye has maintained cultural relevance in the years since he starred in Bill Nye The Science Guy, thanks to his ability to talk about cultural, environmental and scientific issues. Also thanks to his memorable run on Dancing with the Stars. Now he's heading back to TV for a new series with Netflix called Bill Nye Saves The World. We first heard about the new show over the summer, when Netflix made the announcement, but we finally have a good look at what the Billy Nye Saves The World will be like. Take a look at the first trailer for the show, below.

The first trailer gives us a good look at the stage and basic format of the series, which looks to be a science-y version of a late night show. We've known for a while Billy Nye Saves The World would have a talk show format, and the first trailer mentions the show will focus on a broad range of topics with each episode, including but not limited to sex, GMOs, global warming and even alternative medicine. Karly Kloss, Emily Calandrelli, Joanna Hausmann, Derek Muller and Nazeem Hussain will also play a big part on the show. A slew of celebrities, including Zach Braff, Diamond Stone, Rachel Bloom and--yes!--a very well-dressed Tim Gunn will also appear on the show. The list of guests doesn't stop there, though, and if you take a look at the trailer, you can even see Donald Faison accidentally light something on fire.

bill nye saves the world season 1

Bill Nye has an exceptional talent at entertaining people. He's always happened to use those talents to influence the way people see stuff happening in the world--especially in regards to science. When he signed on with Netflix he said that ever since he was the personality on Science Guy, he's wanted to get people excited about Science. This new show on Netflix will be his first huge opportunity to lead a show like this on a streaming channel.

The Bill Nye Saves The World trailer also lists the show as airing its first season starting on April 21, 2017. New episodes of Netflix shows generally hit the schedule at 12:01 a.m. PT, with a few exceptions. If you can't wait that long to catch Bill Nye in action, we suggest tracking down episodes of StarTalk, which he also appears on regularly, along with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Meanwhile, Netflix has been pushing out original content at an extremely high rate. You can check out the list of all of the originals coming up with our Netflix TV premiere schedule.

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