Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Opens With Flashy Intro

With so many performers at the beginning of the competition, Dancing With The Stars is always looking for an exciting, yet clean way to introduce the cast. Typically, the show goes the safe route and simply introduces each couple as if they were walking into a very formal event. Not this season. Instead, the choreographers put together a riveting two and a half minute dance number that showcased how absurdly talented the professionals are, while still giving each celebrity his or her moment in the sun.

From the judges to the hosts to the contestants to the professionals, the number incorporates everyone. God only knows how long it must have taken to put together, but as you can tell in the above video, I’m not sure a better advertisement could be created for the show than this one. That’s why it’s so puzzling ABC itself hasn’t uploaded the video yet. You would think the network heads would be sending this footage to every corner of the globe, but thus far, that hasn’t happened yet.

At its best, Dancing With The Stars brings together a host of famous faces, all with different skill levels, fanbases and sensibilities. Altogether, they create a mish-mash atmosphere of goofiness, serious dancing and fun. Ideally, there are slips, screw-ups, standing ovations and sultry looks, but for that to happen, the show really needs to right cast. Luckily, after a single episode, it seems like they were able to accomplish that goal. Between Bill Nye’s weirdness, Bill Engvall’s redneck-itude, Elizabeth Berkley’s pure skill, Keyshawn Johnson’s giant arms, Valerie Harper’s touching story and, of course, Snooki’s Snookiness, this cast could wind up being one of the best fans have ever been treated to (even without Paula Deen).

With only one episode per week (eliminations will now be announced on Mondays too), Dancing With The Stars will most assuredly be different this season, but after so many years, change probably isn’t a bad thing. The show needs to get sleeker. It needs to get younger, and it needs to adapt so even hardcore fans aren’t bored by the same-o-same-o. If last night’s intro dance was any indication of what’s to come, however, we should all be in for a treat for the next few months. After all, I think I speak for every single fan when I say I would rather watch the above video than anything producers have put together before.

For reference, here’s the snoozefest intro to Season 14…

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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