Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of The OA.

While Stranger Things was the undisputed breakaway series of Summer 2016, Netflix had more than one fantastic sci-fi drama premiering on the streaming service. The OA released its eight episode season in December, and was met with favorable critical reception, as well as comparisons to Stranger Things. The finale left us with a fairly controversial ending, with the question of a second season still very much in the air. Now it appears that fan and critical reception did the trick, and The OA will be producing a second season on Netflix.

the oa

This news comes to us from the streaming service itself, although it was a rather brief announcement. It was simply announced that the second season, or Part II, will be coming "soon". So it's up to The OA's fans to debate and theorize as to how a second season will function in regards to what we learned from Season 1.

Season 1 of The OA ended with quite a bang, literally. While it seemed like The OA and her companions would be separated, and that she may have been a fraud all along. Phyllis Smith's Betty was fired for her inappropriate relationships with her students, and Steve was likely going to be headed to military school. But then a shooter walks into the High School's cafeteria, shocking the audience and transforming the finale in an unexpected way.

The OA's new group stand up, and attempt the movements that she taught them. But rather than transport themselves to another dimension they successfully distract the shooter until he could be taken down by a cafeteria worker. They might not have perfected the moves, but they definitely saved the day. Unfortunately, a stray bullet hit OA, and as the screen faded to black she calls out Homer's name.

So what does that mean? My theory is that this was OA having another near death experience, and that she'll once again return to the world of the living. Additionally, I believe that Homer might have been having a NDE at the same time through Hap's experiments. They've never died together, so they could potentially meet each other with Khatun in that starry other plane. Perhaps this is the way they'll be able to communicate, and let each other know that they've each survived. That, or I'm making this all up.

Netflix announced The OA's second season with a mysterious little video. You can check that out below.

Like I said, we've got no clues regarding Part II's plot or release date, but it is"coming soon". Hopefully the folks over at Netflix have the same idea of "soon" as I do, and we won't have to wait a full year for The OA to return.

Season One of The OA is currently available in its entirety on Netflix.

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