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While the summer months are typically rather slow in regards to television, this past one brought us a new pop culture fixture in the form of Netflix's Stranger Things. The sci-fi drama period piece quickly captured the attention of Netflix subscribers with its nods to 80's culture, outstanding cast of child actors, and truly unique and captivating story. The Duffer Brothers' new show was promptly renewed for a second season, and they released the titles of Season 2's episodes months ago. After debuting a mysterious trailer during the Super Bowl, it appears we'll now finally get more of an idea about what to expect when Stranger Things returns. And now we can get glimpse of Mike and his friends, including a rather different looking Eleven. Check it out.

Move over random blonde wig from Mike's basement, because Eleven has hair! Contrary to her appearance in Season 1, Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven is sporting longer, curly locks and a new outfit. Let's break down what we're being shown.

This first sneak peek comes to us from Entertainment Weekly, which features Stranger Things' group of child actors on their new cover. For the first time ever, all of the kids are together in one shot. Joining Mike, Dustin, and Lucas is their long lost buddy Will Byers, who was trapped in the Upside Down for the majority of Season 1. Plus Eleven is back, with her sweet new haircut and some good old fashioned overalls. Seeing all five actors together for the first time is sure to be exciting for the droves of Stranger Things fans, and we can only hope that this type of group is actually assembled during the events of Season 2.

Eleven's fate is one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Stranger Things' finale. After kissing Mike and killing a ton of Hawkins Lab employees, Eleven took one final stand against the Demogorgon in order to protect her new friends. It seems she destroyed the monster with her psychic powers, but she also appeared to be killed in the process. However, the final moments of the finale saw Hopper leave Eggo's in some shady ass box in the forest, strongly hinting that our telekinetic homegirl isn't gone, after all.

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And now it looks like Eleven is returning, and she's been able to let her hair down. But what else does this mean for the character? Has she continued to grow into a strong young woman, or is she once again at the beck and call of Hawkins Lab and her adopted father? We'll just have to wait and see, but she certainly looks more put together than the last time we saw her.

eleven stranger things

Unfortunately, we still have quite some time to wait before we find out what happened to Joyce, Eleven, Nancy, and the crew.

Rather than once again airing in the summer, Stranger Things Season 2 will be released this year on Halloween Night. The boys are dressing up as Ghostbusters, so I wonder what Eleven will be.