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Hilary Duff on Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire has been off the air since 2004, but there's still a possibility it could be heading back to television. In early 2000s news that could only be topped by snap bands going back in style, an actor from the show recently shared his thoughts regarding the likelihood of the cast reuniting. Clayton Snyder, aka the hunky dream boat Ethan Craft that Lizzie (Hilary Duff) fawned over, shared the following:

My guess is yes. I think all the cast is down for it, it's just a matter of producers making it happen. We missed the 15-year mark, so I guess we'll wait until 20 (2021?) and see what happens.

Well, that's reassuring, although it's not an outright confirmation of any sort. The original question posted to Clayton Snyder specifically asked whether there would be a reunion that picked up with the characters on the show at age 30, which would be an absolute trip to watch. It's worth mentioning that leading lady Hilary Duff (who played Lizzie McGuire) also has mentioned she would probably be down for a reunion, having said as much two years ago, although she couldn't commit due to her busy schedule. The actress is back on TV now, though, as Hilary Duff has spent the past couple years on the show Younger on TV Land where she plays Kelsey Peters.

Even though it's been over a decade since Lizzie McGuire went off the air, it's safe to say that many fans would love to see a reunion of the show. The Reddit AMA in which Clayton Snyder was featured in had plenty of fans wanting to ask about the show, and Hilary Duff boasts about 4.2 million fans on Twitter. I'm sure some of those fans are from her various writing and television products, but we all know how popular the series was when it ran.

It's hard to imagine what a Lizzie McGuire reunion would be centered on, considering the series was rooted around growing up and surviving through middle school. I can't imagine an entire episode based around 30-year-old Lizzie freaking out because she needs a bra for a gym class or Miranda and Gordo being able to follow her around in her day job! I would imagine if the show does explore this route, it would either have to alter the show's tone quite a bit--which would be acceptable considering the maturity of its audience--or would need to introduce new characters and transition Lizzie and crew into parents.

That move wouldn't be unprecedented, as it's the model for shows like Fuller House and Girl Meets World, but may be a bit trickier to pull off. Hilary Duff (and the rest of the cast) are all close to their 30's which still is an age people have children, but it's pretty rare for those kids to be middle school age. For Lizzie to have a kid the same age in 2017 as she was in Lizzie McGuire, she would've had to have gotten pregnant shortly after the series ended. Maybe that's the route producers would want to go revisiting the series, but probably not.

Of course, I'm completely leaving out the fact that we aren't talking about 2017, as Clayton Snyder said 2021. That year makes it perfectly plausible for all characters on the show to have children approaching or at middle school age. Maybe there's a chance it happens after all! We can only wait and see. While we continue to wonder if our favorite shows of the past will ever return, why not get into a new show with our midseason premiere guide?

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