Jenna Fischer Dropped An A+ Office Reference On Twitter And Got A Hilarious Response

The Office's Jenna Fischer is going viral after tweeting a callback joke that takes us all the way back to 2005! Fans of the show may remember the Season 2 premiere in which Michael hosts the employee appreciation awards ceremony dubbed The Dundies in a local Chili's restaurant. For those that don't remember, the episode ends with Fischer's Pam getting removed from the establishment after sneaking too many drinks from the bar. As a result, she is banned from any and all future visits to Chili's, but it looks like Pam managed to slip one over on the restaurant chain:

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Of course, fans went wild over the reference hearkening back to one of the most beloved episodes of the series. In addition to being one of the first truly laugh-out-loud funny episodes in the series, it's also the first episode where Pam kisses Jim (after the kiss that took place at Dunder Mifflin). Surely fans of The Office remember that first kiss that led to Pam ending her eternal engagement with fiance Roy. Chili's, loving the attention and callback gag, responded with one of drunk Pam's best lines from the episode:

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It's not the last time Chili's would be featured on the series either. Later on in Season 2, Michael Scott is in the midst of his own complicated relationship with his boss Jan and recommends that the two opt out of entertaining a potential client at the Marriott and instead take him to Chili's. When Jan asked why, Michael declares it is the "new golf course" and "where business happens," and cites Small Business Magazine. Few Office moments can top Tim Meadows joining Steve Carell in singing Chili's baby-back ribs jingle, and the ep also gave us another great gem when Michael orders an "Awesome Blossom with extra awesome", a line that I'm sure Chili's servers had to hear for years.

Don't use that line anymore, by the way, as you'll be embarrassed. Chili's stopped serving the Awesome Blossom back in the late 2000's, which is weird, as it's only a couple years after The Office referenced it! Is it possible that many employees got disgruntled after hearing the same joke over and over again that restaurant heads removed the item to improve worker morale? I can only speculate on that. What I can tell you is that my friend's face turned super red when he confidently delivered the line to our server, only to be met with, "We don't serve that anymore". Also, maybe my friend was actually me, and I was on a date. The moral of the story is: never use the words of Michael Scott to woo a woman.

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