Fuller House was one of Netflix's most ambitious series when it hit the web in February of 2016 as a sequel to the hit '90s sitcom Fuller House. The show brought back most of the original cast for a plot that was basically a redo of the original plot, just starring the next generation of the Tanner family. Fuller House could have been a huge flop; instead, viewers tuned in by the droves to turn it into one of Netflix's biggest successes to date.

Netflix went ahead and renewed Fuller House for a Season 2 shortly after the Season 1 premiere, and Season 2 debuted in the end of December to give us another look at the lives of the extended Tanner family and their zany shenanigans. Now we've compiled all the details currently available about the future of Fuller House. Take a look at our breakdown of what we know so far about Season 3!

Is Fuller House Already Renewed?

The Full House sequel was renewed for Season 2 less than a week after Season 1 premiered in full on Netflix. The largely negative reviews from critics didn't deter Netflix from moving forward with another batch of episodes at that point, so the question on many viewers' minds after watching Season 2 was how long we would have to wait before news - good or bad - of a Season 3.

Well, fans had to wait a little longer for news of Season 3 than they did for news of Season 2, but it still took less than a month for Netflix to reveal the future of Fuller House. The show officially got an order for a third season by the end of December, and viewers were able to head into the holidays certain of more episodes in the new year.

How Fuller House Did In Season 2

Netflix has never shared its ratings or viewership numbers with the public, so we don't officially know how well Fuller House did in Season 2 or how it compares to Season 1. That said, ratings measurement company Symphony Advanced Media uses its own method for calculating ratings and viewership for various Netflix series, and Fuller House didn't do so well in Season 2.

If Symphony's numbers are accurate, the first three days of Fuller House Season 2 averaged only a 2.01 rating in the important 18 - 49 age demographic, with the premiere only scoring a 3.32 in the key demo. Both numbers represent drops of more than 60% from the previous season. There were plenty of variables that likely played into the drops between seasons, and the lower numbers obviously weren't bad enough to discourage Netflix about the future of Fuller House.

How Many Fuller House Episodes Fans Will Get

The first two seasons of Fuller House ran for 13 episodes each, which led many fans to believe that the third season would score another order for 13. It came as a welcome surprise on December 31 when creator and executive producer Jeff Franklin hit social media to share the news that Season 3 would be longer than Seasons 1 and 2. In fact, it will be longer by five episodes. Season 3 will run for 18 episodes on Netflix.

Jeff Franklin's announcement came via Instagram only days after we received confirmation of the renewal. It was clear that the Fuller House team wasn't wasting any time in getting back to work. They have a lot to do with the super-sized season, so hopefully they're busy getting things ready for the next set of episodes.

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