The Worst People To Work With On The Walking Dead Set, According To Chandler Riggs

Performing on AMC's The Walking Dead does not seem like the easiest task for an actor. Between braving the elements and always expressing genuine fear in the face of fake danger, the show looks like an exhausting experience for everyone involved. Those difficulties do not help the performers when their co-stars can be a real handful. In fact, Chandler Riggs recently took part in an AMA session and admitted that the babies who play Judith Grimes can often be the hardest actors to work with on set. The young actor explained:

Oh my lord those babies. They are so difficult. It's a set of twins, and we've had about 7 or 8 different pairs but [oh] man they are so tough to work with. Season 5 babies were the easiest, but only because i spent so much time with them and basically forced them to like me. They constantly grab at the boom mic, interrupt our lines, and jump out of our arms screaming "MOMMY" and run out of the room to go find their mom. I'm always thankful when i don't have scenes with them.

I honestly would have assumed that Chandler Riggs did not like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, if for no other reason than the fact that Carl's dynamic with Negan is gloriously antagonistic and full of some truly obvious hatred. However, it turns out that the babies who play Judith Grimes can be the biggest hassle on the set of the zombie series. Carl has regularly been tasked with nanny duties ever since he had to perform an emergency Cesarean section on his mother in Season 3, so always taking care of babies on set seems to have gotten under his skin over time. I can't say that I blame him.

The Walking Dead Carl Judith

Of course, we should probably point out that Chandler Riggs might want to enjoy the company of these babies while he still can. The live-action Judith Grimes has already outlived her comic book counterpart by a substantial margin, and some fans have theorized over the course of the last few seasons that Lil Ass Kicker may not be long for this world. Her imminent death has not been hinted at in recent episodes, but as The Walking Dead moves closer and closer to the source material, killing Judith may be the cost of creating a more faithful adaptation. We will just have to wait and see whether or not the show decides to go that far with her character. After all, Rick can only take so much.

Make sure to stay tuned for more of the latest and greatest updates pertaining to the hit AMC zombie series or head to Reddit to read the full interview. The Walking Dead airs every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST. For now, check out our midseason premiere guide for more information regarding all of the most highly anticipated spring debuts!

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