Watch John McCain Deliver A Sick Burn To Ashton Kutcher On CSPAN

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Part of what comes with being a Hollywood A-lister is the inevitable journey into charitable work. Using their platform and resources for good, most celebrities have at least some activist work under their belt. But then there's Ashton Kutcher, who has taken a pretty unbelievable step with his humanitarian efforts. His work toward ending human trafficking recently took him all the way to the Senate, where he testified in front of representatives, including Senator John McCain. Little did he know that McCain had some jokes prepared, and was ready to throw some shade at the actor.

After Ashton Kutcher testified for members of the Senate, John McCain thanked the star of The Ranch for his work. But he also threw a joke in there, accusing Kutcher of being less handsome in real life. Check out the video, courtesy of C-SPAN.

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John McCain has jokes, people. But Ashton Kutcher gets points for taking the joke like a champ. He laughed it off, and even blew a kiss at the 80 year old politician. It's a refreshing and fun moment in an otherwise stormy political climate, and shows that people can do good work while still having fun.

All jokes and levity aside, Ashton Kutcher's involvement in the battle against human trafficking is pretty outstanding. He is the co-founder of Thorn, which is an organization that uses advanced technology to help locate victims of human trafficking. He and ex-wife Demi Moore founded Thorn while they were still together, and have both stayed on the Board of Directors for the organization. So rather than simply donating money and time to charity, Kutcher is actively pursuing ventures to save victims of human trafficking. So perhaps we should all think about that the next time we associate Kutcher with his old reality show Punk'd or Dude, Where's My Car?.

Fox News covered Ashton Kutcher's appearance testifying on the subject of human trafficking. He said,

For years now, Thorn has been committed to building tech tools to combat child sexual exploitation and facilitating collaborations across [the] tech industry to disrupt these crimes. We have no intention of stopping until we win this battle

And if Ashton Kutcher's work with Thorn wasn't enough to sell you on the actor, he can also clearly take a joke. I mean, just look at the face he made while teased on in such a public forum.

Ashton Kutcher has most recently been seen starring in Netflix's original comedy The Ranch. And despite mixed critical reception, the streaming service has renewed The Ranch for a second season, made up of a whopping 20 episodes. So if you feel so inspired to pay Kutcher back for his advocacy work, get over to Netflix and binge watch the first season.

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