Big Bang Theory Just Revealed Another One Of Sheldon's Unexpected Secrets

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Thursday's episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Allowance Evaporation." Feel free to read one of our other fine articles until you've caught up.

Any fan of The Big Bang Theory knows that Sheldon is full of mysteries. In the past season or so we've, finally, been privy to the reasoning behind some of his curious behavior, like why he always knocks three times whenever he's confronted with a closed door. Well, now another of the character's big secrets has been revealed and it was completely unexpected. After years of being driven everywhere by his friends, much to their repeated irritation, Sheldon finally revealed to Amy that he's actually had his driver's license for a whole two years. What?!

Let's back up a bit and get to how this reveal happened. Sheldon and Amy were out at dinner when they ran into Bert, the geologist they know from Caltech. After Sheldon invites him to dine with them once Bert realizes that he's been stood up by his blind date, Bert lets it slip that everyone at work knows about the fact that Amy and Sheldon only have sex once a year. Amy, of course, is furious at Sheldon for talking about such private things with his co-workers, but Sheldon can't figure out what the big deal is. After all, Amy talks to Penny about their super private relationship things, right?

After they get back to the apartment and Amy retires to the bedroom to get away from Sheldon, he, realizing that he can't quite tell who should know what about their romance, makes a chart to try keeping things straight. When he shows it to Amy, in an effort to show that he's concerned with never making this type of mistake again, she notices that there's a small dot in the center, and asks what it is. Sheldon tells her that that's for things he never tells anyone, including her. Well, Amy is very intrigued by the idea that Sheldon keeps some things secret from her and begs to hear one thing he hasn't told her. That's when Sheldon tells her that he actually got his driver's license two years ago.

Obviously, this is huge news. Sheldon has spent the entirety of his friendship with Leonard, Howard, Raj, Penny and Bernadette, and his relationship with Amy, having them drive him everywhere he needed to go. They often argued over who would have to interrupt their day to shuttle him around. But, if you're thinking that this will mark a giant change in the way things are done among the friends, that's not likely to happen. When Amy asks why he didn't tell anyone about learning to drive, he, in true Sheldon fashion, says that he "likes being chauffeured" because it makes him feel important.

Honestly, it's surprising that anyone, even a paid driving instructor, ended up having the patience to teach Sheldon how to drive. His friends tried to teach him with a driving simulator years ago, but that didn't go so well. Take a look:

Yeah, something tells me that Amy might want to just keep driving Sheldon around. As far as we know, he hasn't been practicing on a regular basis, so, Sheldon getting behind a wheel at this point could still be pretty scary. You can keep up with all of Sheldon's unexpected secrets when The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays on CBS.

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