Star Renewed For Season 2 On Fox

Star girl band looking hot on Fox

It's been a good week for Fox TV shows. Recently, we learned that newcomer Lethal Weapon has been renewed for Season 2 and apparently the network couldn't wait to appease us regarding another new series, either. Per Fox, newcomer drama Star has been renewed for Season 2, as well.

Currently details related to Season 2 are scarce--likely because the first season hasn't ended yet--and we don't know whether Season 2 will get a full 22-episode order or a shortened season similar to its first. Fox President of Entertainment simply made the announcement about the newer Lee Daniels show, name dropping the show's creator and the cast as reasons for keeping the series around. The Queen Latifah and Benjamin Bratt starrer has also performed fairly well. Through its first eight episodes, Star has averaged a 1.4 rating in the coveted 18-49 advertising demographic. In addition Fox says that factoring in DVR ratings, the show is averaging more than 7.5 million viewers each week. Not quite the numbers that Lee Daniels' other series Empire is bringing in, but still solid enough.

Speaking of Empire, if you've been worried about that series, you need not fret any longer. A couple of the major networks have been all about early renewals this season as they look to cement their lineups for the 2017-2018 TV season. Empire was renewed for Season 4 just a few weeks ago. In addition, Lucifer and a few other shows have been greenlighted for additional seasons on Fox. One show we are definitely keeping an eye on is the DC Comics series Gotham, which has been trending just slightly lower than Lucifer in the ratings but hasn't earned an official renewal, yet. We'll let you know how that series pans out.

For now Star has three more episodes left to air before the end of the season, so if you haven't given the show a shot, you can now live secure in the knowledge that the drama will 100% live to see another day. That's the nice thing about early renewals. The audience is no longer champing at the bit to learn whether or not they have wasted 22 hours of TV watching on a show that's just going to be cut from the lineup next fall. The unfortunate side effect of this is that the major networks are waiting longer and longer before they cancel shows, too.

As noted earlier in this article, the major networks have been big on early renewals this year. To find out what is definitely coming back next year, you can check out our network rundown. In addition, you can take a look at what the major networks have yet to air with our midseason premiere schedule.

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